How to Identify and Handle New Customers

We all know that customer management is vital to keeping our businesses alive. I've identified 3 areas of customer management that have helped my business grow over the years:

  1. Reputation: A satisfied customer is capable of advertising and increasing your business network, by publicizing the strength of your company. Your company's reputation is built on trust with your customers. This reputation comes from your ability to deliver on time, quality products. While many companies have adopted ‘the customer is always right' motto, I've adopted the more practical ‘the customer isn't always right, but the customer is still the customer.' Makes much more sense, I think!
  2. Distribution: If you always provide quality products to your customers, your business will get a good reputation. By narrowing your product range and associating yourself with a smaller distributor, your distribution network will be more reliable.The smaller the distributors, the better your chances of surviving stiff competition and the competitive market. Smaller distributors try hard to give quality services. This in turn earns profit for the distributors and huge returns for your company.
  3. Global marketing through the Internet: You can also earn a good reputation via a mass marketing strategy adopted for online business. Marketing is all about attracting potential customers and creating an interest in your product. By paying attention to these 3 areas of customer management, you'll ensure loyal customers that will stick with you even through bad times.

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