How to Write an About Us Page That Generates Leads From Your Website

Here's how to write an About Us page that shows the human side of your business - includes common mistakes and specific things to add.
how to write about us page

Every business website should have an About Us page. In fact, it is one of the most important personal elements on your website. Here’s how to write an About Us page that shows the human side of your business.

Whether you are building a new company website or remodeling a current one, you should spend some time revisiting your About Us page. There are many ways to improve it.

How to Write an About Us Page

Market research has proven in the past that consumers like to do business with companies they trust. It’s not your price for a product. It’s not even how fast you can ship it.

Ultimately, the aggregate consumer wants to know and trust your business before they hand over their precious credit card – and your about us page helps them find that level of comfort. As they go through your website navigation, there is a good chance they will click on your About Us page.

About Us Page Mistakes

Most small business owners simply do not know how to construct a proper About Us page. Instead, they write up something on the spot and usually it is filled with potentially costly mistakes. Take these for instance:

Telling what your company does

If your company name is Carol’s Catering, it is likely your consumers know what you do. In fact, most About Us pages for small businesses make the mistake of telling what they do instead of who they are. Don’t make your About Us section another page with a sales pitch.

Leaving out the people

Oftentimes, About Us pages do not have a single iota of information on the business owner, much less any other important people. Make the page more personal, giving insight into who operates the company and helping to make a human connection.

website people

If you are trying to mask the fact that you are a small company, leaving out information about yourself or your small team misses an opportunity to connect on a human level. Include pictures.

Boring, stiff copy

Another big mistake small businesses make is writing an About Us page that contains unmotivated copy. The tone is stiff, stuffy, business-like, and not at all creative or inviting.

What an About Us Page Should Be

Your About Us page should be inviting and contain these elements:

Share the company story

Let the About Us page tell how the company got started. Share an anecdote that was the impetus for the company’s formation. Provide a timeline. Share why your company is passionate about what it does. Customers love to understand the background of a business.

Tell the human story

Consumers know your business is more than just a brand. Tell more about the founders and other important directors, and even about the people who customers have contact with.

Corporate social responsibility is also becoming more important so considering adding details about how your business is giving to the greater good. You might consider creating a separate CSR page just to talk about this part of your activities.

Show the company’s personality

Even if your company is in a “stuffy” conservative financial industry, it doesn’t hurt to show your personality. Have a little fun in the About Us page to show that you’re all human, too.

Tips on Designing Your About Us Page

With common mistakes and what an About Us section should include in mind, here are a few ideas to spice up your About Us page.

about us page

Picture and Bios

At the very least, upload a picture and bio of each executive of the company. If the company is small enough, do this with all your staff. Make the bios fun; that is, show a little creativity. Let the visitor know why it would be fun to talk to or meet the person.

Owner Video

Create a short video of the company’s owner giving a brief tour of your facility. Seeing the owner in a hard hat can let readers know that everyone is willing to get their hands “dirty” on the job. You could even do interviews with the owner and other important people in the company and post them on the About Us page.

Show Timeline Photos

Does the company save photos throughout the years? Consider posting a “travelogue” timeline with pictures of 80’s hairdos, 90’s clothing styles, and even the humble beginnings of a company. This will help demonstrate that you are an established company, as well as one with a good sense of humor!

Include Social Media Links

If your small business has social media accounts, be sure to invite online readers to join them. It is easy to obtain icons for popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You might even include a script showing the feeds from your recent posts on social media accounts.

Use’s goal-driven social media marketing plan for a complete outline of what to do.

Sample About Us Pages

The essence of how to write an About Us page is to make your content engaging and interesting. Share a little bit about the company, and show the human element of your business. Brag a little about how the company has triumphed over humble beginnings. With an About Us page that attracts and connects visitors to the business, it could spell additional conversions for your business.

Some samples of good About Us pages:

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