Where to Get Free Stock Photos

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Royalty Free Stock Photos

Need high quality free stock photos for your website and email campaigns? We found several websites that provide royalty free stock images. That’s right – they’re saying you can download and use any free stock image from their sites without paying a license fee.

Adding free stock photos to your website and email newsletter can give it an added spark. If you have a tight marketing budget and are looking for options, check out our favorite free stock image sites and download some amazing stock photos right away! Be sure to read each site’s license and terms to make sure you comply.


Chock full of beautiful free stock photos, Pixabay.com offers a wide array of choices. The search function allows you to search by category and color, and as a result gives you a fast way to find relevant images. Pixabay’s search includes options for black and white photos or photos with a transparent background. It also allows you to download the photo in either a horizontal or vertical frame. Downloading is simple. It involves clicking on the image, selecting a size, and responding to a small security pop-up.



Pexels.com offers beautiful photos and a wide variety to choose from, similar to Pixabay. With images containing several tags, searching and downloading is effortless. Additionally, if you download directly, you are given a URL. With one more click it will download and open directly on to your screen, providing you with a .jpg image. You may find some overlapping images from Pixabay on Pexels.


Wix is one of our favorite options to create stunning websites using a point and click interface. It includes a large library of free stock images to choose from. You can add pages, sections to pages, and choose images. Another bonus is that they have templates for just about every type of business you can imagine. We created a beautiful site in about 10 minutes from start to finish, including picking their free stock images.


With high definition calendar-worthy photos, Unsplash.com offers an uncluttered, simplistic website that allows you to view large images one at a time. With a search option in the upper right hand corner, it is quick and easy to find what you’re looking for. When downloading, the image appears as a page with a URL accompanying it.


PikWizard is a newer entry into the free stock photo space, but has built a good library of quality images. Granted, there is an occasional “how did this amateur image make it into the library” – just like all of the other free image library sites. Our tests found a good deal of images that anyone could use. A nice feature of this service is that they suggest keywords for you right below their search bar. You don’t have to think to get suitable free stock images, just click on their suggested terms and you’ll see many useful images.


Negativespace.co provides crystal clear images appearing a dozen at a time. When downloading, a .jpg appears on your tool bar that you can then cut and paste into your newsletter. The website can be tricky to navigate due to several different search bars, one which immediately takes you to depositphotos.com, a pay-per-image website.


With good resolution and intriguing photography, StockSnap.io ranks high in ease of use and variety. The quality of each photo varies but it is a site well worth visiting.

Adhere to the Free Stock Images License

A final note: be sure to read the full license agreements for these free stock photo sites to avoid any misunderstandings on how you are allowed to use their images. You don’t want any unwelcome surprises from an attorney.