How Your Company Blog Can Improve Inbound Marketing

Cold calling, or outbound marketing, can be a thorn in your company’s side. It takes a great deal of effort and money in order to convert a potential customer from a cold sales call or visit. The better way to convert customers is through inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is when a potential customer, or lead, contacts your business independently. With an already generated interest, you have a much better possibility of converting that lead into a paying customer. One smart way to help improve your inbound marketing is through your company blog.

The Inbound Powers of a Blog

Why a blog? You may think blogs are passé. They were the “in” marketing trend four or five years ago, but now with social media applications like Twitter and Facebook, no one uses a blog, right? This could be both right and wrong. The bad news is that fewer business owners are writing and maintaining blogs. The good news is that fewer business owners are blogging and creating a less saturated “blogosphere” – which means you can get more notice from customers.

The fact is that blogs are still popular among your potential customers. When a potential customer conducts a search through a major search engine, it isn’t Facebook that appears on top of the results. It is likely that a regularly updated blog will have the answer and be the top choice that search engines give to their search clients.

That means you have a huge opportunity to make your company blog pay off on your marketing expense category and become a major part of your lead generation. How do you do this? Here are some tips:

Provide Downloadable Content

Part of what attracts website searchers and surfers to a blog is the “free” content they can download. This is a great way to acquire email addresses for your newsletter. A free download can be anything such as a short Ebook, white paper, or any other helpful guide that provides quality service to your reader.

Polls and Surveys

Get your blog readers involved. Include blog posts that ask your readers questions that can improve your business offerings. Ask their opinions, and engage your audience on potential new products or services.

Constant New Content

Search engines like a website that provides fresh and updated content. Post a regular blog entry or article at least three times a week. You don’t have to write them yourself. Hire a professional blogger to write for you if you must, but keep your blog updated regularly, and it will get the notice you desire.

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