Guide to Creating a Bomb Instagram Content Plan in 1 Hour

Use this guide to create an Instagram content plan for your business in 1 hour and increase the number of your followers.
Instagram content plan

Many business owners are exploring how to use Instagram as a money-making platform. It gives literally endless opportunities for developing a business, advertising products and services and finding ways to collaborate with other brands. Creating an effective Instagram content plan is your starting point.

One challenge is that people who are running small and medium businesses are often running into the problem of not knowing anything about social media marketing and how it works today – everybody has heard something about its trends through the past years, but you need some very specific knowledge to be able to navigate through the system of different social media networks and extract the benefits from them.

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In this article we will tell you how to create a money-making Instagram content plan for a business page in 1 hour and will also give you 3 tips on how to increase the number of your followers via paid service by using a chance to buy Instagram followers that are very capable of becoming your first decent booster. Let’s begin with the Instagram content plan.

Instagram Content Plan

Study your competitors

Literally, make a deep analysis of their pages and figure out what are their strong and weak sides. You won’t need much time for it – you are probably already following them, so go to their pages and create a chart for yourself where you’re going to fixate the moments that you like about their page and the things that you find unnecessary or annoying.

Put everything you can see in it: the number of publications per day, the color scheme of the publications, the themes that they’re using to interact with the audience and to present their products and services, the style and the number of stories, etc. After you have your chart on each of the competitors ready, take the benefits out of them and put them in a list. This is the base you’re going to work with.

Do a little research online

You can google things like “trends in ___ in 2023” (fill in the gap with the name of your professional sphere), “the best products and services in ___”, “top ___ influencers”, “top ___ events” and etc. After you’ve collected your information, make a new list with the topics, names, happenings and places – this is a pool of inspirational things that you will be using to create different posts in your Instagram content plan. However, the plan is not yet ready.

Learn about the types of publications

get more Instagram likesPosts in Insta might be: engaging, informative, interactive, selling, meet-and-greet, giveaways and contests, etc. We’d recommend using all of the types and rotate them during the week or during the month (here you should understand how many posts in general you’re going to use – go back to the 1 point and figure out how often your competitors are posting posts, stories and reels).

Now you should be able to match the topics and the types of posts and spread them between the days of the week through the whole month – if you’ve done all the previous tasks attentively and have formed the lists, you’re going to do well here.

Paid Instagram promotional services

After your Instagram content plan is ready, you can start posting and supporting your page with paid promotional services.

Why paid? If you’re managing a business already, you won’t have time to spend it online and try to get your first subscribers and thumbs up by interacting with random viewers. Paid methods give certain warranties – you can have confidence in a fact that you’re going to reach success, because you know how many subs you’re going to have if you, for example, buy real Instagram followers for your business page. It is easy to check on the website that sells them, plus you can always apply for help from the technical support. Convenient and helps to remain calm during the process.

But don’t stop there. Keep working on your pool of ideas, studying your competitors and buying paid services when needed.

This is key to success – Instagram doesn’t favor the people who are stopping their work halfway. If you were able to gain your first subs, that is great, but not enough – paid third party services will give you support, but you cannot use them endlessly, at a certain point in time you have to make sure that you’re able to gain a needed weekly or monthly number of subs yourself.

The development should never stop; only the methods can change. Learn about how targeted ads work and have one of them running at the background of your account at all times; turn to free (mutual) and paid PR from bloggers – if you want the circle of your potential clients and readers widen gradually, you should always be collaborating with some bloggers from your or the neighboring niche.

Get Started

Making a money-making Instagram content plan and organizing a page and starting off with the promotion is not hard – the hardest part starts when you need to maintain the success. You can use various tools for it (we have listed them in this article), but you should never forget that the main part of success lies in your own effort and creativity. Good luck!

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