How to Create Daily Instagram Posts in Under 3 Hours/Week

Learn how to create daily business instagram posts in under 3 hours a week and have a plan that will generate more followers for your business.
create daily business instagram post

Being consistent with your business Instagram account is challenging, given that your business project demands comprehensive work. Still, consistency is obligatory when you want to sustain a profit-bringing social media presence. So, here is a plan to create daily business Instagram posts in under 3 hours a week.

Preparatory Stage

Necessity 1: Know the Trend to Make Your Created Content Boom

Your Instagram content plan will guide your efforts. Technically, you can take lots of photos and suppose you are good with that material. Yet, remember that informational demands alter weekly, if not hourly. Your created pieces must fit the trend and answer clients’ questions this week.

Researching trends is time-consuming, and a business cannot rely on a small selection of users to claim that there’s a trend. Social listening tools are necessary when you want to get the full picture of what people prioritize right NOW. Such instruments let you:

  • Pinpoint the most relevant trends;
  • Understand how people discuss those trends;
  • Find the most optimal hashtags;
  • Find related content ideas for your posts;
  • Segment your audience;
  • Systematize information about audiences of the niches you target.

You can find a comprehensive social listening tools review here to ensure all your instruments are optimal for your research demands and business goals. Also, preparing hashtags for your future posts in advance is advisable.

Necessity 2: Focus on Your Offer

SWOT is never odd, and you want your business offer to show its best positives while avoiding exaggeration. Analyze your current offer from the perspective of relevant trends and niches that might want to buy from you. Highlight your offer’s strengths that can solve people’s problems this week.

Necessity 3: Prepare the Photoshoot Location in Advance

The photoshoot might take one to two hours. Ensure the location is ready for the shoot. It can be your shop or office space, a close partner’s company, or other attractive places where you can express your business offer through visually charming photos.

Remember that Instagram, especially business-focused accounts, must sustain a holistic aesthetic, as Instagram is 100% about visuals. They will not win you everything because getting engaged followers and customers demand more contribution and optimization. So, revise how to get more Instagram followers and ensure your visual content is worthy of notice and fits your overall optimization like the right key in the keyhole.

Necessity 4: Check Your Competitors’ Progress and Fails

Competitor checks are 100% necessary to get 110% profit. Your business offer on Instagram does not want to be a replica of your competitors, and you do not want to repeat their failures.

It is okay to have several similar products with your competitors. Yet, make sure that the way you present it on Instagram offers more value than what competitors offer. Competitor analysis also helps you find inspiration for content ideas related to the trending topics and niches you target. Here is a more detailed instruction on conducting a competitor analysis in case you require a template.

Practical Stage

Phase 1: Check if Your Photoshoot Location is 100% Ready

(10 minutes) Walk around the location and make a mental or written checklist. Clean up any mess; check if all necessary props are there; rearrange furniture or decorations to make them photogenic. Take two sample shots with your camera, phone, or tablet to ensure the lighting is optimal for photos.

Phase 2: Take 10+ Pictures/Videos of One Object and Repeat with Others

(30 minutes — 1 hour) Shoot multiple angles of one product and its surroundings, then repeat with other products. Take advantage of natural lighting to avoid spending hours editing all photos later. Plus, do not neglect the power of dynamics! While static pictures are more popular on Instagram, videos in carousels and reels are an amazing contribution to your account too.

Phase 3: Edit Your Photos Sustaining a Theme

(30 minutes — 1 hour) Choose the best photos from your photoshoot and edit them accordingly. Remember that Instagram is about aesthetics, and you must ensure that there is a main component that lets you stand out. A branded theme requires dominant colors and one prioritized setting.

You can use simple tools like VSCO or Adobe Lightroom to enhance your photos, apply filters, and adjust the lighting. Use editing tools that do not exaggerate the picture since authenticity is important in the Instagram community.

Phase 4: Write Your Captions

(30 minutes — 1 hour) In your captions, include relevant hashtags and related partners or location tags. Write persuasive yet informative captions that catch potential customers’ attention while informing them about your offer in depth. Add a Call-to-Action (CTA) at the end, such as asking them to swipe up for more information or visit your website link in the bio.

Phase 5: Schedule Your Instagram Posts

(10 minutes) Utilize an app or website like Hootsuite to schedule your Instagram posts for the week ahead. That saves time and allows you to plan a cohesive aesthetic for the week, including your feed grid layout and content ideas. It also prevents any last-minute rush to post anything.

Final Words

Following this plan allows your business offer on Instagram to shine and potentially attract more engaged followers and customers. With consistency in visually pleasing content and competitor analysis, you are one step closer to gaining profit and leaving a mark in the digital business world. Good luck!

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