5 Ways to Keep Employees Happy

As a business owner, it's important to keep employees happy. Happy employees create happy customers. Here are 5 ways to keep them happy.
keep employees happy

As a business owner, it’s important to keep employees happy. Joy, satisfaction, and contentment enables individuals to thrive – especially at work. And being happy enables us to do and achieve incredible things we otherwise wouldn’t be able to do when feeling sad.

More so, when your employees feel valued, they are more productive. They’ll also take better care of your customers simply because they enjoy working for your business.

In the workplace, each employee’s happiness should be encouraged by business owners and managers because it can make or break the success of the company.

Why Keep Employees Happy

By incorporating benefits and rewards that enable employees to work merrily, the following positive results are expected:

  • Employees who are happy doing their job will be more productive and successful. 
  • Happy employees bring a positive attitude to work which aids success. 
  • Happy workers will remain loyal to a company
  • Employees possessing an upbeat nature will spread their positives vibes around the workplace

Happy employees create a happy customer.

With workers spending up to 40 hours per week at their jobs, managers have a significant amount of time to exhibit a positive impact that can boost their staff’s level of happiness. For a selection of ways to encourage joy in employees, see the advice below to keep employees happy.

1. Encourage Progression

Find ways to encourage progression and help employees get to the position or department where they aspire to be by:

  • Listening to their brilliant ideas. Whether investing in Quickbooks Voucher Checks system to avoid fraud or planning frequent team building activities to boost morale. Allow workers with fantastic ideas to bring them to life, and in turn, improve their self-confidence and happiness.
  • Put them in contact with other departments they are interested in working in.
  • Encourage employees to take up training opportunities (this is an often overlooked way to keep employees happy)
  • Give employees more responsibility. As they’ll feel more capable, confident, and accomplished. 

2. Work-Life Balance

Appreciate and respect the need for each individual to have a work-life balance so that when they are at work, they can thrive at what they do.

This means banning out-of-office-hour contact to give employees a chance to truly unwind. And encouraging employees to take their holidays, breaks at work, and advising them how to make the most of their home life by being with family, going outside, and engaging in hobbies.

3. Recognition and Rewards

Take time to reflect and recognize what employees are doing well. Highlight their accomplishment and reward their actions. Be it with a recognition email, a gift voucher, or a simple thank you.

There are a million ways to show employees you appreciate what they do at work. Recognition is one of the easiest ways to keep employees happy.

4. Perks and Benefits

To incentivize employees to be the best they can be at work and to make them feel happier. A few workplaces benefits you may want to consider adding to the employment packages are:

  • Discounts off retailers and restaurants
  • Private healthcare packages
  • Life insurance
  • Additional annual leave with each year of employment
  • Early leave on Fridays
  • A casual clothes policy
  • Buy a weekly meal for workers to enjoy, such as pizza
  • Generous pension plan 
  • Flexible working options, such as working from home part of the week
  • Generous maternity package
  • Childcare facilities on site 
  • Instil a 4-day working week
  • Gym membership
  • Mental health awareness service
  • Provide free healthy snacks
  • Pay for travel expenses to the office

Evaluate your staffs’ needs and wants to determine which perks and benefits they would appreciate most. 

Moreover, be conscious that what they need now will change over time. Thus re-evaluating their perks and benefits over time is an important step to keep employees happy. 

5. Upgrade Office Space

The physical environment of your office space makes an impact on how your staff feels. You don’t have to move into new office space to make positive changes. Simple updates to your decor, furniture placement and a touch of personalization can go a long way to keep employees happy.

Changing the look and layout of the office by using the below tips could encourage happiness in employees. 

  • Create a separate relaxing staff room for employees to disconnect at break time. 
  • Create an attractive outdoor garden with plants and seating areas for employees to sit and soak up the stress-busting benefits of nature.
  • Change the color scheme in the workplace to mirror the desired spirit of the office. For peace and relaxation, blue is an effective hue to use to keep employees happy. For positivity, add splashes of yellow through art pieces and furnishings.

Happy Employees = More Revenue

With the struggle many companies have these days to find qualified staff members, it’s more important than every to keep employees happy. Doing so reduces your costs of training and onboarding new staff, plus it drives more revenue because happy employees will take good care of your customers.

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