5 Common Failures in Sales and How to Avoid Them

The current state of the economy means small business owners cannot afford to lose a single sale. Learn about the common sales failures that business owners make and how to avoid them.
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Your company’s success relies upon how well you can sell your products or services. Even with the best product on the market, you will need a sales strategy that will send products out of your inventory and revenues onto your bottom line. Poor production from a sales department spells the beginning of the end for so many businesses offering a quality product.

Losing a sale can be caused my any number of factors, many of which can be avoided. The following list has been constructed to highlight some common missteps that lead to sales failures. Contemplate these failures to ensure your business avoids the pitfalls that lead to losing a sale.

Believe in the product

Be sure to preach these four words to anybody from your organization that is selling to your customers. Lackluster energy and enthusiasm exhibited by salespeople toward the product they are representing is a common error that leads to sales failures. Being able to convey faith and conviction for a product can be the difference between making and losing a sale.

Focus on how your product best serves the customer

A good salesperson is armed with countless selling points with which to represent their goods or services. Attempting to quote them all at the breakneck pace often attributed to salespeople can quickly lead to sales failures. Take some time to think about the customer and determine which parts of the product are most suited to benefit their needs. Scaling back the typical sales pitch and only focusing on the facets of the product most beneficial to any particular customer is a good way to avoid losing a sale.

Sell yourself

A great way to avoid sales failure is simply by being likeable. Some have to work harder at this than others, but achieving success in this area is a key to increased sales. Try and imagine what one of the customer’s friends would be like and become that person. Remember that a friend isn’t a pest and doesn’t call constantly attempting to close a sale. Find the perfect middle ground between annoying and absent to avoid losing a sale.

Know your customer

The quickest road to sales failure is to become forgetful of who each customer is. When you gain knowledge of a prospective client in the form of personal tidbits about their families or activities, you should value this information for your next meeting. Take notes if necessary to avoid losing a sale.

Follow all your leads

Don’t pick and choose only your most promising leads

Sales failure can also be attributed to the calls you don’t take. Judging every book by its cover can be a surefire path to losing a sale.

Sales failures may be the most detrimental breakdown that can occur within your organization. When losing a sale becomes as regular as making a sale, businesses begin to implode. Fortunately, there are several measures that can be taken to minimize sales failures. The list provided should help you identify some areas where your business could be losing a sale.

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