Sales Cover Letter – 6 Things to Say to Convert Readers Into Customers

Here are 6 things to say in your sales cover letter to convert your readers into customers, including fill-in-the-blank examples of strong headlines.
sales cover letter

Here are 6 things you should always include in your sales cover letter. Adding these elements will increase the chances of your sales letter getting read by your target market. More so, they will help you convert readers into a customers.

1. Create a Captivating Headline

Your headline is the most important part of your sales cover letter. It must grab the attention of the reader immediately.

The main purpose of your headline is to inspire curiosity in the reader to find out more about what the headline mentions.

The trick is to create a good headline that makes a promise to cater to the needs of the reader. The headline is so important that you should draft several headlines before picking the final one.

Headline Formats for Your Sales Cover Letter

Here are 10 sample headline formats that you can use. Just fill in the ________ with an appropriate word related to your business. Some of these examples touch on the FUD factor: fear, uncertainty and doubt.

  1. How Your ________ Can Be Used to ________
  2. Update This Setting to Prevent ________ From Disclosing Your Private Information
  3. This ________ Can Turn Your ________ Into a  ________
  4. Simple ________ Solutions That Can Save You $10,000
  5. New ________ Allows Anyone to ________, Including  ________
  6. How ________ Trick You Into  ________
  7. How to Spot a  ________
  8. New ________ Targets Your ________ with  ________
  9. Why ________ are Vigorously Going After  ________
  10. How ________ Can Leave Your Business  ________

2. WIIFM- What’s in it For Me?

The body of your sales letter should tell the customer what your product will do for him or her. Whatever you have to offer has to be detailed in such a way so as to generate enough interest in the reader to make him want it and take action.

Your reader needs to feel that what you’re offering is better than anything else on the market. There is no need to try to squeeze everything you want to say onto a single page. Good sales cover letters can be two or three pages long, sometimes even longer.

3. Testimonials or Proof of Satisfaction

The body of your letter should show the reader that they will be one among many already satisfied buyers. Include testimonials from existing customers, if possible, and as proof of your integrity, and offer a free trial period or give a money back guarantee offer.

4. Give a Personal Touch to your Sales Cover Letter

Your sales communications should address your reader by name and not as, Dear Homeowner, or Dear Friend. This lends a personal touch to the letter. Preparing a mailing list is essential.

Most email marketing tools, such as MailChimp, have mail merge capabilities automatically embedded to make personalization easy.

5. Do Not Use a Standard Letter for All Customers

Customers fall in different segments. Convincing different customers may require many different approaches. This means that the same sales letter may not work for all customers.

Spend time and thought to craft special sales letters for each different segment of customers. The crux is to create separate sales letters to outline and highlight the benefits that would appeal to different target segments of customers.

6. Include a Call to Action with Every Sales Letter

To boost your chances of converting a reader into a customer, you must include a call to action within your sales cover letter.

Many prospects areinclined to buy your product or contact you about your services after they finish reading your sales letter. Make it easy for them. Tell them exactly what to do, such as visiting your store or giving you a call. Make an offer of a free gift if they buy before a deadline that you set up.

If you are sending a direct mail sales letter, create an order form and include a prepaid return envelope. If you are sending an email sales letter, give specific instructions by adding buttons that say things like:

  • Learn more
  • Download now
  • Order now
  • Talk to a rep

A properly created sales cover letter can get many prospects interested in your products and services. When you take the time to frame your sales message so that it appeals to different segments of your customers, you will increase your sales conversion rate.

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