5 Steps to Make Moving to New Office Space Much Easier

Moving to new office space? Can a self-move work? Yes, it can - if you follow these 5 steps. It starts with proper planning. Here's what to do.
moving to new office space

There are ample things that need to be taken care of while moving to new office space. When we talk about the most essential steps in the moving process, we often neglect the things that should be done before the move.

Planning for an Office Move

The in-depth connotation of the word “Move” can be the reason for inducing stress and anxiety. Therefore, moving to new office space by yourself is not an easy task, but it can save a ton of money, the pressure of choosing the right packaging tapes, looking for boxes, and asking help from your friends and family can be overwhelming.

Knowing your office, you can figure out how you would plan your entire journey. It’s better to plan everything before the move to avoid any last-minute hassle and assuming that you’ll figure it out at the last. There are two ways to make the move possible one is DIY- Do it yourself, another one is taking the help of a moving company.

Do it yourself can be strenuous but don’t fret! We are here to provide you with some tips and tricks that can ease your moving journey. Moving to new office space? Can a self-move work? Yes, it can – if you follow these 5 steps.

Moving to New Office Space

1. Create a Detailed Moving Plan

When moving to new office space it is important to take your time and planned change accordingly before every and each step. You should have a stepwise procedure that will include the planning process what will be done by who and how and when is it to be done.

By following such a procedure, it will become easier for you to accumulate all your belongings in one place and in a manner will you where you will not miss out on important stuff. It will not only help the moving out process easier but also come in handy for the moving in the process we will know where to put what in your new office space.

It is important for you to have a basic knowledge of your new office space so that you can figure out the outlook of your desk, which again is a part of retail planning. The process of planning also involves a general estimation of the funds that you might be needed for the whole process.

2. Hire a Moving Company

It is very possible that the complete process of moving out and then moving in becomes very hectic for one person to look after and lacking on the experience and expertise on the same, the process might as well become more difficult. Therefore, in such a situation it is advisable for the person moving out of his office space to hire a moving company that might guide them through the whole process of moving out of their old office space and moving into a newer one.

Also, while choosing a moving company it is important to do your research and hire the most professional and experienced moving company that is free from fraud and has good reviews from prior customers. Hiring a moving company might facilitate the whole process of packing loading unloading and then packing for you taking off most of the load from you. It might be good to take recommendations from your acquaintances.

To get complete surety you could also call in representatives from each company that can come to your office to look through the complete work and then estimates the cost and the kind of work they will do for you. Lastly, it becomes extremely important to make sure that the company your hiring is licensed and insured legally.

3. Taking Care of the IT

one of the most tedious tasks yet the most important one while moving to new office space is disconnecting the tech in your old office and then reconnecting it in your new one. Write when you get to know about your moving out it is advisable to have your IT Department make out a plan for you which includes transferring all of your office’s technical equipment which includes your servers, computers, phones and your data and internet plans. This might save you from missing out on some important stuff and data that they needed for your business.

4. Update All of Your Documents With the Address of Your New Office

It is very important for the person moving out of the previous office to update the address on all the important documents, to their new office address. This process of asking for updates should begin in the early stages of planning for moving out.

Your clients should also be updated about your move to a new office address, especially if they are regular service providers to you. Therefore, it is better to update your brand identity package before you move in. Place your orders for new business cards, letterhead, envelopes, return labels, etc. once you know your new address.

5. Accurate Labeling On the Boxes

While moving out, accumulate your stuff in two different boxes of similar things is important stuff. It becomes important because then your essential stuff is categorized into different sections which become easier to find, in a new office space and you do not go looking for items here and there without any clue of their what is.

In order to ensure maximum efficiency, it is advisable to put similar products in one box and label it with a name. This will not only ensure easy findings of things but also make sure that you do not miss out on any important stuff that you might need in your new office space and also that you do not miss out on things in the previous office.

Look at Moving to a New Office as an Adventure

Moving is one of the most adventurous things you’ll ever do, be it changing city lines or going down the street. You’ll embark on a journey that you will never forget. The process of moving to new office space is indeed strenuous but when taking proper care of the things that will decide how the journey will be, you can make it a smooth process.

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