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Brand Identity Marketing: Building Brand Identity

Brand identity can be defined in a number of ways. Many times, the definition may not be accurate or appropriate. According to the dictionary of business and management, a brand is “a name, sign or symbol used to identify items or services of the sellers and to differentiate them from goods of competitors”. Simply put, this means a brand is the customers’ perception of products or services.

What Is Brand Identity

So what is brand identity? It is the way in which the customer identifies a brand. This could be by recognizing names, logos or other details about the product or service and is a critical part of brand development. It is necessary to remember that the product or service is different and separate from the brand itself. The brand is an intangible part of the product. It is the image of the company created by consumers.

Building Brand Identity

A brand identity is built around a product or service. To promote brand identity, many companies purchase what is called a “brand kit” or “identity kit” which includes a logo, business cards, letterhead with envelope and also websites and brochures.

Your brand has to be unique and different from companies with competing products in the market. It should not be mistaken for the brand of another company. Make sure that your brand stands out from other brands – this will ensure that your brand has its own unique identity.

For example, some clothing lines are very expensive and geared to wealthy buyers. They would never create a low-priced product because it would dilute their brand identity. Their goal is to be known for a particular style – and price – in order to create the feeling of exclusivity among their customers.

Other brands are known for different things, like innovation (Apple), low price (Walmart), or comfort (Ecco shoes).

Repeat Your Branding Message

An interesting fact to know is that it takes up to 12 times to make an impression of your brand message with customers or potential customers. So make sure that your brand stands out and make sure that your brand name is repeated for them to remember it. There is literally an onslaught of brands in the market, so decide what makes yours different!

Make It Memorable

Ensure that there is something memorable about your brand to make it stand out. It could be a funky graphic or a catchy tagline. Whatever it is, it should be unique and it should be relevant to your company’s products and services.

Create A Personality

It helps to create a personality for your brand. The business personality of your brand could depend on a number of things. If your business is a sole proprietorship, the brand could reflect the personality of the owner (you). If it is a larger business, the personality of the brand could be developed according to the product and the needs of the customer. Say the product is a clothing line for young women. Then the personality of the brand could be the personality of an average young woman, something that the target market can relate to.

Be Professional

Aside from being creative and standing apart, your brand has to be professional. It should be created in a professional manner. Being a professional is about providing good service to the customer. The customer knows that beneath all the creativity lies a product based on quality, which stems from professionalism. This ensures the customer that they will be taken seriously and that their grievances, if any, will be addressed.

Building a brand identity for your company is a marketing plan necessity. By following the above tips, you can build a successful, unique brand identity that stands out from all other companies in your market.

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