Off-Site Computer Backup: Why You Can't Afford Not To

Off-Site Computer Backup: Why You Can’t Afford Not To

The magazine was ready to go to the printer. The entire staff had stayed late the night before doing final edits and making last minute design changes.

The pages had been backed up on CDs and on the designer’s jump drive, which was placed in his top desk drawer.


When they came in the next morning, they found that the office had been burglarized.

All of their computer equipment was gone.

The thieves had also taken miscellaneous items, including CDs and the jump drive that had been in the designer’s drawer.

A Costly Mistake

The magazine, set to go the printer, was gone.

Advertisers were expecting an issue to come out the next week. This was going to be an expensive problem.

Some Things Can’t Be Replaced

The owner of the publishing company was bothered by the fact that she would have to replace a lot of expensive computer equipment, but there were much bigger problems.

Along with the issue that set for printing, vendor and advertiser files, photos and stories for future issues were all gone.

There was no way to replace everything that was lost.

Could Have Been Avoided

While a better security system may have stopped the incident altogether, there is a low-cost service that, had the publishing company had it, would have made the robbery much less of a big deal.

Off-site computer back up costs very little. Prices start around $50 per year. This allows you to back up your hard drives at the end of the day so that if something happens – robbery, natural disaster, computer crashes – you will be able to easily retrieve every bit of information that you lost.

Don’t Wait

Imagine how different things could have been had this company had off-site back up. Don’t wait until you suffer a similar loss.

Begin backing up your hard drives off-site today.

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