How Often Should Your Office Carpets Be Professionally Cleaned?

Office carpet cleaning is important in maintaining a positive impression for your clients. Follow these guidelines to keep a fresh look.
office carpet cleaning

If your office carpets are worn looking and stained, it can negatively affect the impression that you are making to your clients. Even the best companies can take on a shabby appearance if every aspect of your office doesn’t reflect a professional image. Office carpet cleaning is a step towards sustain a positive brand image.

Office Carpet Cleaning Helps Your Image

To ensure that you are putting your best foot forward as a business, it’s essential to keep your carpets clean, well maintained, and spot-free. Clean carpets don’t just send a message to your customers; they can help keep your staff healthy too. When there is a lot of concern about healthy working environments, keeping your staff safe should be a priority.

Bacteria, dust, and pollen can get easily trapped in your corporate carpets. With so much traffic treading on your carpets every day, having the deep-down dirt removed by a professional team like Emerald Carpet Cleaning can refresh your carpets back to life. Let’s take a look at how often you should have your corporate carpets cleaned.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

Many factors go into determining what kind of cleaning schedule you should keep for your corporate carpets. The amount of daily traffic and the occurrence of stains will mandate when you should do a deep clean. Daily maintenance like vacuuming and spot cleaning is essential in keeping your office carpets looking fabulous and lasting longer. A combination of DIY and professional office carpet cleaning can create a schedule that will work for your business.

Spot Cleaning

Cleaning up spills and stains quickly can help your carpets looking fresh and in good repair. The longer you leave a stain, the more difficult it can be to pull out of the fibers. Once you have a stain, it can make the rest of your carpeting look dull and dirty. Have your custodial staff look for and tend to any stains on your carpets daily when they are vacuuming.


To keep your carpets looking great and to remove any built-up dirt and bacteria, you should be vacuuming your high traffic areas daily. Don’t forget to look underneath desks where dirty feet are resting during the day. You can extend the life of your carpet with regular vacuuming and keep your fibers looking full and fresh.

Bring In the Professionals

If you have an office that sees heavy foot traffic, you should be getting a deep professional cleaning every one to two months. For moderate traffic, your carpet cleaning should be done every three months. If your carpets only have light foot traffic that doesn’t come directly from outside, you can clean your carpets once every six months.

A professional office carpet cleaning will renew the look and feel of your carpets. Think of your cleaning as an investment rather than an expense. When you keep your carpets looking great with regular cleanings, you extend the lifetime and will save money on replacement costs.

To keep your carpets looking vibrant for your clients and your employees, you should set up a regular professional cleaning schedule. Your carpets can make a big impression on your brand, so they should be a priority for your business going into the future.

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