New Standards for Technology & Businesses Set by the Lockdown

Those who saw digital commerce as a secondary channel now need to change their approach and focus on the active use of digital technologies.
changes in online business

Most of 2020 was intense for the entire world and every single one of us. It is impossible to deny the impact of COVID-19 on literally every sphere of our lives. The pandemic restrictions affected a great way not only business owners but also the users of their services.

The ability to adapt to survive stands at the origins of human nature, so the current situation pushed businesses to develop, adapt, and overcome. Changes have come to the fore to solve crisis problems and as a means for future development.


The new lockdown standards for technology and business have increased the popularity of online shopping.

Eventually, many of those who were not sure about going digital were forced to do it to survive. Think of features that could help you in the long term, like your brand’s own app or the additional function of paying online with a card. If you don’t know where to start and how to switch to online reality, find specialists who’d be ready to do this job for you. It will help you reduce IT costs and let you make the transition more easily. Consider getting support before you give up your life’s work.

It is critical to debug logistics and control products’ availability at points of sale both offline and online. Pay attention to communication with customers and respond to the changes in the situation. Exclude any confusions while accounting payments received from customers with Versapay – cash application.

Use the most effective communication channels to interact with the audience (the most suitable social media for your niche) in a changing reality. You may need to put more effort in contextual advertising to be more visible in the face of increasing competition.

Within e-commerce (aggregators, retailers, and marketplaces), you need to control the quality of product cards and their compliance with user search queries entered on the partner’s site. Pay attention to a set of measures to promote products directly on your partners’ websites.

New patterns of purchasing behavior are being formed, which are likely to continue after the crisis, opening up new opportunities. Consumers not only buy more due to staying at home. Their purchasing habits, as well as the list of things they need, behavior has changed markedly. As such, you may want to analyze them and introduce new items or procedures into your business offer.

Delivery Services

Many businesses were forced to close their brick and mortar locations, whether because of the restrictions or other financial issues. It affected small companies the most, but even bigger companies, with networks all over the country, had to give up some of them. Delivery isn’t an additional option of choice anymore. It’s a necessity to keep your business running.

Make sure your company sticks to safe delivery practices. The delivery person needs to wear a mask when contacting your customers and remember about social distancing. Make sure the option of contactless delivery to the customer’s door is implemented.

The delivery time also needs to be optimized. The fact that your clients spend the majority of time of the day at home does not mean you can neglect their choice of delivery time. In such a competitive environment, you need to be fast, punctual, and mistake-free.

Working From Home

A flexible schedule or freelance sounded like a dream and finally became a reality for many of you. But in the long run, it may cause difficulties (even for mental health) and decrease productivity. Burnout may appear due to sudden and prolonged changes in your usual routine, the lack of an effective communication channel, and increasing anxiety.

Many office employees were able to adapt to remote work without many problems. Using video communication services, task trackers, and other technological solutions became essential skills.

For people who lost their jobs because of the pandemic, it is an opportunity to reflect on whether they wait until things will settle down or change their perspective on what they are doing. It is a perfect time to explore your profession’s angles and search for new ways to perform it. At least, when something like this happens next time, you will know you still can do it online.

As an employer, you may want to keep in mind that the end of the crisis and the ability to go back to the office may no longer be suitable for your employees. In fact, working remotely can become their new normal. Companies need to be prepared that some parts of the world will prefer the internet as a working place. It will affect future recruitment processes.


Self-isolation has affected the consumption of online services during the COVID-19. The demand for video content, games (including apps), online educational platforms, and social network platforms continues to grow. Now’s the time to embrace technology as an integral part of your company.

Those who saw digital commerce as a secondary channel now need to change their approach and focus on the active use of digital technologies in their commercial activities. But switching to an online business mode is not enough. You need to ensure your employees are on the same page with you, and that you’ve got all the tools to help you get through these difficult times.

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