Ohio Business Licensing Center

How to Get a Business License in Ohio:

  • If you plan to hire at least one employee, contact Internal Revenue Service to get an Employer ID Number (EIN), and to request your w-4, SS-4, Circular E and Publication 334 forms.
  • Depending on your business legal structure, you may need to register your business entity online with the Ohio Secretary of State.
  • See a listing of professional licenses and business permits that your business may need at the Ohio Business Gateway.
  • Create your business specific information kit with the 1st Stop Business Connection to help you get started and license your business.
  • Contact your local government to find out what local licenses and permits you may need.

Ohio State Sales Tax:

  • Ohio state sales tax is 5.5%.
    • Counties and regional transit authorities may also levy additional sales tax up to a maximum 1.5%.
    • Look up the sales and use tax rate in your area.

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