One Page Marketing Plan Outline to Generate Qualified Leads

This one page marketing plan outline is a checklist of specific marketing activities that generate leads. It includes tactics that will increase your visible footprint and compel prospects to seek your services. Download for easy editing in Microsoft Word.
One-Page Marketing Plan Outline and Checklist - Free Download

This one page marketing plan outline contains a multi-faceted approach to generating leads. It includes specific marketing tactics that will increase your visible footprint and compel prospects to seek your services.

Where appropriate, we have included tools that we recommend to achieve your marketing goals faster. Some of these tools are affiliate links to products or services that we have investigated or use ourselves. See our affiliate disclosure for details. We used this marketing plan outline ourselves to grow multiple businesses over the years.

The beauty of a short one page marketing plan like this is the simplicity. While detailed marketing plans provide in-depth analyses, this one pager is a task list that is easy to follow and track. We call it an outline because you can add a lot of detail for each section or you can dive right in. Remove the tasks that aren’t relevant for your business.

For a full marketing plan, see our detailed Marketing Plan Example – also available for free download

The best way to use this one page marketing plan is to download it in Microsoft Word format (download link is below) so that you can make edits to create a custom plan for your business.

Use This Marketing Plan to Win Competitor’s Clients

The strategies in this one page marketing plan can also help you win prospects who are already using one of your competitors.

To fend off competitive threats, implement these marketing tactics to build a robust marketing funnel. It will strengthen your relationship with current clients and create a marketing machine that consistently brings in new leads.

Download the One Page Marketing Plan Outline

Download this one page marketing plan outline for easy editing in Microsoft Word:


Here is the marketing plan outline for your one page marketing plan:

1. Creating and leveraging buyer personas

  • Review of buyer journey – how a prospect becomes aware that they have a need and then finds your product or service and makes a purchase
  • Create an ideal client profile (there may be more than one) – a.k.a. a buyer persona
  • Identify issues faced by each buyer persona
  • Brainstorm the types of content that would help these personas in each stage of the buyer journey

2. SEO Analysis

  • Do website page speed analysis (slower sites rank lower on Google than fast ones)
  • Change web hosting company if site is slow (this simple change can increase your rankings)
    • SiteGround – we use SiteGround for
  • Update website theme – responsive (mobile friendly) theme is mandatory since Google takes mobile accessibility into account for rankings
  • Evaluate web search terms used to find <your company> online
  • Evaluate competitors search terms
  • Create a baseline SEO report to measure future progress
  • Compare content ideas with search terms to find gaps (i.e., keyword opportunities)
  • Identify backlink opportunities, including people and sites who have large followings
  • SEO Tools to do the above tasks:
    • SEMRush – this is our preferred SEO tool at – it provides specific recommendations that have enabled us to increase our web traffic by 25% in just the last 4 months
    • Google Search Console – set up Google Analytics to access this free tool to see what searches people are doing on Google to find your web pages

3. Creating a competitive analysis grid

  • Review competitors’ sites for pricing and marketing/sales strategy (site content analysis)
    • Create a spreadsheet

4. Creating an editorial plan of content to be produced for buyer journey stages

  • Review existing content to see if it provides educational information at each stage of the buyer journey and addresses each buyer persona
  • Create articles for blogs and ebooks (repurpose as slide decks, videos, etc.)
  • Do interviews of thought leaders, which can include staff (repurpose as podcasts)
  • Design infographics of tips (can be repurposed from blog posts)
  • Identify guest blogging opportunities to increase inbound links (quality inbound links is one of the top factors Google uses for rankings)
  • Identify sources of content ideas, including curated content to share
  • Automated webinar series on relevant topics, client onboarding and more
    • EasyWebinar – this is our favorite tool for creating on demand webinars

5. Creating sales conversion funnel

  • Embed lead capture links throughout content pages for lead generation
  • Automate touch points
  • Consider using lead scoring to qualify leads
  • Pass on leads to sales team to close
  • Tools:

6. Obtaining automated feedback from website visitors

  • Automatically send a questionnaire to get user feedback
  • Incorporate recording tool to record and analyze user sessions and identify bottlenecks

7. Evaluating paid search and social media options for lead generation

  • LinkedIn, SlideShare, Facebook, Twitter

8. Evaluating award opportunities to create additional awareness and credibility

  • Review timeline to identify press release opportunities

9. Client onboarding and post-sale nurturing to ensure satisfaction and raving fans

  • Automated follow ups containing reminders and refreshers of tips and product usage examples
  • Regular communications on industry trends to strengthen bond between us and client

Set Deadlines and Stick to Them

You can use this marketing plan outline as a task list to implement your marketing strategy. Even if your business is only you at the moment, set deadlines for each task and hold yourself accountable. If you have teammates or partners, coordinate a schedule to do the tasks outlined and stick to it.

If you don’t set deadlines, you will not grow as quickly as you would if you put a stake in the ground to complete the tasks in this marketing plan outline.

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