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Page Experience and Other Powerful SEO Tips

SEO (search engine optimization) is always evolving. If you don’t evolve with it, you will be left behind and won’t be able to run any online business. After all, it focuses on the complete journey of a prospect from a visitor, including their page experience, to becoming client.

Google updates its algorithms almost every day and releases a major update every few months. Optimizing your website based on keyword discovery is a critical step, but there’s more. Based on the data we have gathered and experience of veteran professionals, here are a few things every company should keep in mind for SEO.

Give Importance to Page Experience

Google recently notified all bloggers about its major update called Page Experience that is expected to roll out in 2021. As one can tell from its name, it will mainly be focusing on how websites visitors behave when they visit a page. This has increased the importance of UX/UI designers while also making their job more difficult. As an SEO, you should study how every visitor reacts after landing on a page and improve it.

Be Smart with Backlinks

Backlinks are getting more and more difficult and losing their value with time. You can no longer make some SEO backlinks and expect the page to rank. As a matter of fact, unplanned backlinks can do more harm than good. You have to be smarter and take Google’s algorithm seriously to get results. You may be doing SEO for many years, but you should still study advanced strategies in this link building guide for a successful career in this field.

Start Using Videos

People are getting bored of written content and videos have become the most preferred type of content. This often enhances their overall page experience. Videos provide fast information in an easy to digest form with graphics. Try creating short videos for articles you write and put on the page to increase engagement and its chances of ranking on the first page. A video may take more effort, but it also brings more results.

Target Featured Snippets

Featured snippets get the position 0 in the search engine results pages while everyone is fighting for position 1. User loves these snippets as they give precise and fast information. If they like the information shared with them on the snippet, they will visit your website. Google even highlights the section that was used on the result page to make it easier for the user to find information.

Engaging Website Visitors has Become More Important

In addition to page experience, you also need to work on creating engaging content. As the Page Experience studies user behaviors, it will also notice if the user scrolled all the way to the end of the article, visited other pages, or just clicked back within seconds. All this is part of their page experience, which is becoming increasingly critical for good SEO traction.

Voice Search is Rising

More and more people are now using voice search. It is expected to become the most common method of searching queries on the internet. Already about sixty percent of smartphone users search their queries using voice search. Targeting long tail keywords and ranking for featured snippets make it easy to rank for them.

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