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This week I'm not going to review a book but rather a magazine: Selling Power. I've been a fan of this magazine for a long time, even though it doesn't speak directly to the business owner's experience, but rather to the sales person or sales manager. For most of us small business owners, though, that's our role too!

Published 10 times per year, each issue is full of great motivational sales ideas. Although I've heard from other entrepreneurs that the magazine isn't “entrepreneurial” enough for them, I would have to disagree: business success is all about sales and this magazine will help you sell better. And, as you grow your business and take on more employees, the sales motivation and sales management will “kick in” and you'll be well prepared to take on that role.

In fact, I would argue that this magazine is far more entrepreneurial than many of the great entrepreneurial magazines out there. Other “how to start a business” magazines tend to focus just on that initial phase and don't do a lot once you've actually got your business off the ground. Instead, they produce great content on how to start a business but not on how to grow one. I think Selling Power fills the gap perfectly.

In its quest to make its readers betters sellers, it covers other things, too, such as competitive intelligence, office management, and dealing with customers… each topic is very timely to the entrepreneur!

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