Reasons to Use a Dedicated Server for Your Business Website

Are you aware of the benefits of having a dedicated server for your business website? If not, you are missing out on so much! Read to learn more.
dedicated server for your business website

When creating a website, entrepreneurs pay special attention to the content and design. Hosting is just as critical because it affects your page load speed, which is an important factor in SEO. Choosing the right hosting solution for the site is crucial because it determines the number of resources available, such as RAM and disk space, as well as the level of security.

Reasons To Choose a Dedicated Server To Create a Website

Successful companies create and develop online marketplaces because this is the only way to attract more customers and simplify the process of serving them. If the website contains all the information potential buyers need and works effectively – pages load quickly and tabs are clicked, visitors have a positive experience with the company.

As a result, customer loyalty increases, and the number of refusals to cooperate decreases. A dedicated server is an opportunity to optimize website performance and ensure proper protection of confidential data. Using a dedicated host like Hostzealot gives you the advantages of website speed and access that you can’t get when you use a shared server.

  • Individual use: A dedicated server is designed to solve your business tasks exclusively. It is an exclusive platform that will help improve the performance of the site, which means maximum comfort for users. If we compare a dedicated server with a cloud server, the tenant is provided with more storage in the second case, which does not mean greater efficiency. A dedicated server is an optimal platform for creating a fast and productive web resource.
  • Cost savings: Many experts in the field of IT would agree that a dedicated server is a cost-effective solution that reflects the optimal ratio of price and quality. Renting a dedicated server will cost more than the usual virtual hosting or VPS. However, it is able to fully meet all the needs of the business.
  • Improved security level: A dedicated server is provided for the use of one client. This means that third parties do not have access to confidential business information. Compared to cloud servers, where you will not be the only user of the resource provided, a dedicated server is a more secure option. The cloud stores data from multiple sources, which increases the risk of data intrusion, interception, and loss. A dedicated server is less susceptible to hacking and cracking.
  • Greater website load speed: According to independent studies, if a page loads longer than 3 seconds, you lose customers. Today’s buyers of online marketplaces are not willing to wait long. A large number of alternative offers of goods and services allows them to choose a site with fast-loading pages. Slowly-loading pages are one of the main reasons why company sales and profits decrease. If the visitor leaves the site before they see the benefits of your commercial offer, it is a missed opportunity to grow your business. The dedicated server successfully copes with a heavy load – ensures smooth and fast operation of the site even at the time of a significant increase in traffic and the simultaneous number of visitors.
  • Increased performance: A dedicated server is working resources exclusively for you. You do not need to share RAM or disk space with other tenants of the hoster. The exclusivity of the offer results in many benefits, including increased performance and increased security. The site will load quickly and rank higher in search engine results. Consequently, more visitors will come to your site and learn about your products and services.

A dedicated server allows you to securely protect confidential information and effectively develop digital marketing. If a company is planning to pay a lot of attention to paid advertising and email campaigns, this platform is optimal for the implementation of planned projects.

The Advantages of a Dedicated Server for Website Development

The website is the first point of contact between visitors and your brand. A visitor’s first impression determines whether he or she will make a purchase or leave the resource. A dedicated server will help you organize the work of your web resource in such a way that you can win the trust and favor of your customers.

The server – this software or hardware which performs all tasks to run the pages of the site and process visitor requests. To understand the role of the server in maintaining the functionality of the site, you need to imagine what tasks it performs at the same time:

  • Running thousands of lines of code.
  • Processing several dozens or hundreds of requests (depending on the number of visitors).
  • Delivering files of different types to the browser.

A server uses RAM and processing power to run efficiently. The productivity of the website placed on it depends on these parameters. Studies show that delay in loading a page in 1 second leads to negative consequences, such as a decrease in the number of page views by 11%, a decrease in conversion by 7%, and a drop in visitor satisfaction by 16%. The benefits of using a dedicated server:

  • Full control and self-management capabilities.
  • Testing of firewall operation and its reinforcement, optimizing security settings according to your needs.
  • Ability to integrate into the overall network structure. A dedicated server can be integrated into the enterprise network environment to ensure fast and efficient communication between different departments.

A dedicated server has an individual IP address that allows you to identify the location of physical equipment. If you compare the dedicated server with shared hosting, in the second case, the unethical management of a web resource by one of the tenants may result in the IP address being blacklisted. As a result, all tenants of the hoster will suffer. Blacklisting is possible if one tenant sends spam messages or buys backlinks. If you use a dedicated server, you are only responsible for your own actions and mistakes.

Cybersecurity is one of the primary concerns of a website owner. A dedicated server tenant gets the ability to fine-tune access parameters, which increases the level of security. Thanks to the extended functionality, there are more opportunities for the design and structural organization of the site.

As the flow of visitors grows and business projects expand, you can almost unlimitedly add new applications and software products that will help improve the design and analyze the performance of the web resource. Effective tools include ASP.NET, Apache, and XAMPP. The webmaster can write programs in any language, create new work scenarios and run any software.

On a single dedicated server, it is possible to host several sites without affecting their performance and speed. This approach greatly simplifies the process of administering multiple web resources.

When To Consider Switching to a Dedicated Server

If a website is slow, has fewer visitors, and has a lower conversion rate, this is a reason to switch to a dedicated server. Complaints related to the poor user experience are not the only argument in favor of such a decision. The transition to a dedicated server is advisable in cases where:

  • The need to boost site rankings and improve customer service.
  • Launching a new, additional website on third-party marketplaces like Amazon and Shopify.
  • Increased security and data protection.

A dedicated server is a profitable investment in business development. For example, using financial services and systems, such as QuickBooks, means optimizing the work of your accounting department. At the same time as increasing the productivity of your accounting staff, you will ensure reliable protection of financial information.

Dedicated servers are an ideal solution for high-traffic websites, blogs, virtual directories, and other web resources that store large amounts of photo and video content.

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