What it Takes to Start a Part-Time Relocation Service

The ongoing recession has caused many people to change jobs and relocate. Learn how to take advantage of this phenomenon to make extra money with a home-based relocation business.

People across the globe are looking for ways to fight the economic recession. Sometimes this means relocating to a new city for a fresh start – which creates an exciting home-based business opportunity for you! Tap into the trend and earn extra money by starting a relocation service.

With this home-based business, you will help all different types of people find a place to live and start their life over fresh in a new city. Depending on the needs of your client, you will play an important role in their process of changing jobs.

The services you need to provide include locating apartments or houses, appointment setting, and possibly even social networking. It will be important for you to research the services and businesses available in your community so you can educate newcomers when they arrive.

All it takes to get started is research, developing several tiers of relocation packages with complete pricing, and a little advertising. With this home-based business, you can earn extra money and have fun welcoming new people to your city.

Skills Required: customer service skills, organization and time management skills

To succeed in starting a home-based business to help people relocate, you need to be comfortable talking to people face-to-face and on the phone. In addition, this home business requires a high degree of organization and time management skills in order to schedule apartment showings, appointments with cable and electric companies, and to help people who are changing jobs get settled quickly.

Startup Expenses: $500

Developing package plans and service offerings just takes some creativity and planning. The most important investment you need to make in this home-based business is advertising. You need to advertise in your local area, as well as in other cities where potential re-locators may begin the moving process. A good place to start advertising is with online classified ads since people who are changing jobs often search them.

Monthly Revenues: $500-$1000 per month

Starting a business that helps people changing jobs can help you earn a great deal of extra money. Revenues will fluctuate with job market trends, the economy, and the seasons.

Monthly Expenses: $100

The most significant monthly expense will be gas that is necessary to make appointments and meet with clients. Minimal advertising expenses will also apply, depending on your approach and where you choose to post ads.

Time to Break Even: 1-3 months

It will take some time to find clients for your home-based business. Expect at least 1-3 months before you will break even. Because of the economic recession, many people will be changing jobs and moving to new cities.

Starting a relocation business is a great way to earn extra money. If you like working with people and building relationships in your community, this is an excellent home-based business that is also recession proof.

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