Marketing for Results: Results Driven Marketing Tips

Marketing trends change frequently. This means that you need to change your strategies like a chameleon to merge your business’ departments into a single cohesive force to achieve the desired results.

The latest hot market trend is to observe the needs of the public and then design and deliver the products and services they require in the shortest possible time using the shortest possible route.

To do this, you’ll need to do the following:

Study the Market Well

Do a market survey and find out the needs of your potential customers. Make sure you know their likes and dislikes of any existing products and services.

After that, you will be able to plan your goals. After you have your goals in mind, you can set out to plan your products and services with all the improvements required as your survey dictates.

Forget Old Strategies

In times past, products were first designed and then manufactured. The sales department then had their task cut out for them – to sell those products. This method puts pressure on one department after the other. These days, you need to involve all departments including purchasing, sales and marketing and HR to provide input and move towards a common goal.

For example, the purchasing department manager may suggest an idea on marketing a particular product, while the marketing manager will also know the individual cost of product components.

This ‘out of the box’ thinking, if channeled properly, can result in product innovation and keep all departments working together – thereby improving their efficiency and making problem solving quicker and more effective.


Results oriented marketing demands that you, as a small business owner, have a laser-like focus on all the aspects of your business; namely, your customers, your products and after sales services.

When it comes to the big picture, what you give back to society is also very important in achieving good results.

Study Your Competition

Keep an eye on your competitors. Observe the path that they may have taken towards success or failure. Use this information to help you to plan your road to success and to avoid making the same mistakes as they have.

Good results do matter, but the way you go about achieving them should be both professional and ethical.

Motivate Your Employees to Produce Results

Motivate your staff with rewards. Give incentives to your employees above and beyond their regular salaries to motivate them to put in that extra effort.

Instill your killer instinct in their minds by your actions – which will enable them to go that extra mile to achieve results.

Evaluate Feedback

Get feedback of your existing products from your customers. Process and evaluate that information so as to improve upon existing products and services and to launch new ones. Send your employees into the actual market place to get an idea of the ground reality.

You too, can pose as a customer and get a feel of your own organization and their behavior towards customers.

Rotate Your USP

Study the market well, and with each different product that you introduce, change the USP according to what your potential customers perceive is of utmost importance.

By projecting your products to fulfill the different needs of your customers, you can achieve results faster – and you will also have a reputation of meeting your customers’ desires.

Results oriented marketing isn’t rocket science – but it does take diligent planning to master.

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