Promoting your EBook & EBook Selling Tips

When trying to sell an ebook, here are some tips to keep in mind.

The Following Are Some Tips For Selling Your E-Books:

  • Get a four-color attractive, but not too busy design for the e-book cover.
  • Mention the publishing and copyright information after the cover page.
  • Include testimonials in your book. These indicate the authenticity of the material and the genuine and original content in the book. Many writers include testimonials by celebrities and customers to endorse the product.
  • Include a list of previously published and written books or articles to expand sales.
  • Mention the table of contents, stating the various chapter titles in the book and place a complementary free bonus title at the end of the table. Also mention where the reader can get complimentary bonus reports.
  • Add a mini sales letter after the table of contents.
  • Make sure that fonts are readable. Easy to read e-books is the best way to sell additions in the future. Arial and Sans Serif Fonts are the common fonts used for headings.
  • Insert headings at the header and footer of each page. Also include a title and page number at the top of the page and your name and website link at the end of the page.
  • Make Microsoft Word (*.doc) and Portable Document (*.pdf) formats and upload them on the site. You can allow customers to download them for free or for a reasonable amount. These e-books can be ordered online or via a toll free number.
  • List a product and price list at the end of the e-book. Attach a page offering brief information about other services you offer. You can also include an annotated table of content in any other e-books.

Promoting Your E-Book

Once you are done with creating the e-book and uploading it to your site, next comes the stage where you have promote it. When you create a copy of the e-book on the website, make sure that there is relevant information on the given web page.

The people who visit your website are also looking for important and useful information. Insert relevant and keyword rich content to attract search engine searches. Having useful content will generate website visitors, triggering additional commission.

You can also create a blog, where you can share information about the website and information about your e-book. This is an excellent tool to advertise your e-book. In this way, you talk about your book in your personal space, letting potential customers know about you and your e-book on the same platform.

Using these ebook promotion tips will help customers to keep up with recent developments of your business, and once you manage to earn a good customer base, you can be assured that you will have regular customers and visitors to your website.

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