SEO Solutions: What to Do if Your Website Struggles to Rank

Without successful SEO, you can not have a strong online presence. Read this comprehensive guide for the best SEO solutions to implement.
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As an SEO specialist, it can be frustrating when your client’s website refuses to rank! Of course, this can happen for several reasons. For example, your client may be competing with a heavily saturated market within their product niche or service area of expertise. Perhaps more importantly, their competitors may be engaging in, to put it simply, better SEO! Indeed, the competition may be using better, more targeted copy in their website content – or perhaps, employing many other clever SEO solutions and tricks that are helping them to outrank your client.

Fortunately, however, there are some tools in your SEO arsenal you can use to remedy this situation! For one, certain very effective link-building and back-linking techniques can be utilised to get any website ranking better. Another method is keyword optimisation. On the other hand, technical SEO could be what’s needed to improve your client’s search engine results ranking! For the best ways in which to execute these SEO techniques, just keep reading.

SEO Link Building and BackLinking

One of the most effective tools that many SEO solutions experts have up their sleeves is link building. Essentially, this is the process of creating links to websites on third-party sites by embedding these links within carefully written website content. Often referred to as guest posts or outreach articles, this third-party website copy aims to encourage site visitors to click through to the backlinked website. The goal of this is to increase organic online traffic.

Unfortunately, not all SEO specialists have the capacity to provide link-building services to their clients. Sadly, they may not have the expertise, resources, or blogger contacts at their fingertips! This is where a white-label link provider comes in. By outsourcing link-building services to an expert in this area and then white-labelling the service as your own, you can, as an SEO specialist, still provide this service to your client.

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The best part is your client will never know! An important aspect of white labelling is that the outsourced service provider makes the process as smooth and seamless as possible for you. You can then easily on-sell the service and provide a full suite or portfolio of SEO services to your clients. The white label provider will also usually provide the service to you at a wholesale rate, enabling you to make a profit when on-selling it to your client base.

But what exactly does an SEO backlinking or link-building expert do? Essentially, an SEO link builder will assign outreach posts or articles to a guest writer or blogger and ask them to embed the client’s website within the body of the text. As such, the article copy is purposely written with this intention. But this is not as far as it goes. The backlinking specialist will also have access to a multitude of third-party website owners who can essentially reach out to request that the guest posts be featured on their website. Hence the term, outreach article!

Technical SEO

Another element your client’s website may be lacking is Technical SEO. Importantly, performing technical SEO ensures that a website is properly optimised to meet a search engine’s technical characteristic preferences.

These preferences usually include website navigability, page loading speed, ease of user interactivity, and other technical elements that make for a positive user experience. Complying with these specifications will ensure that the search engine bots can effectively crawl, read, and index the website. It will also encourage search engines to display that particular website preferentially in search engine results pages or SERPs.

Admittedly, this is one of the main goals of SEO. That is to say, getting your website to rank highly in SERPS is one of the driving factors of Search Engine Optimisation. Of course, applying effective SEO techniques will generally lead to a positive result in this area. It is important to note, however, that technical SEO, while very important, is just one aspect of Search Engine Optimisation. Another essential area is SEO keyword research and targeting – also known as Keyword Optimisation.

SEO Keyword Optimisation

Keyword research, analysis and optimisation is another central element of holistic SEO solutions. It essentially involves using market research to ascertain and identify which keywords and search terms are trending in specific areas. Undertaking keyword research also highlights which search terms to include in a website’s content to ensure that the site ranks well for those terms.

For example, if your client’s website is an eCommerce store that sells footwear, the goal would be for the site to rank for the search term ‘shoes’. By creating website content that includes targeted keywords and relevant search terms, you can ensure that your client’s website is displayed in search engine result pages when online users input those particular terms in their search queries.

Importantly, keyword optimisation is essential to creating online copy that both attracts the attention of search engines and also, elicits organic website traffic. That is to say, it attracts consumers that are specifically seeking out the goods and services your client’s website offers.

If your client’s website refuses to rank, luckily, there are several techniques that can help with this. Combining various elements of Search Engine Optimisation could well be the most effective method to get a website to rank well. For instance, using keyword research to optimise website copy and influence search engine rankings is one relatively easy way to do this.

Other SEO Solutions

As mentioned, another technique is to ensure that your client’s website meets all of the technical aspects and characteristics that are preferred by search engines – such as page loading speed, navigability, and user interactivity – to ensure that it is ranked highly. Lastly, bank-linking and link-building techniques are proving to be some of the soundest methods of effective SEO solutions today.

Luckily, if you are an SEO professional who cannot provide backlinking services yourself, some white-label providers can help! That way, you can rely on SEO link-building experts to provide this service to your clients and ensure that your client’s website starts ranking again.

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