How To Get More Exposure For Your Business

Exposure is the lifeline of your company, but many small business owners struggle to garner exposure. Consider these four ways to increase your exposure – and bottom line.

In order to survive and grow, small business owners must overcome the hurdle of garnering business exposure. The days of simply hanging out a shingle with your business name is long gone. Now small business owners and entrepreneurs must make considerable efforts to promote and get more exposure.

Here are a few great ideas to get your business exposure started:

Use Quality Marketing Materials

Part of a marketing arsenal for most small businesses is printed marketing materials. Brochures, letterhead, business cards, sales letters – all are needed to help you garner more exposure and promote your business. The problem for many small business owners is that they spend too little time or choose poor quality marketing materials.

Your printed marketing materials say much about the professionalism about your business. Will you trust your small business exposure to home-printed perforated business cards? Or will you pay for high-quality business cards that let people know you care about quality?

If you use images, make sure they are high quality as well. Any photographs of you or your business should be created by a professional. Logos and graphics must be high quality design and be pertinent to your business theme.

Use Press Releases

One way to get free press exposure is by writing and submitting press releases. A press release is a brief, one-page informational statement about important events or happenings at your business. A press release follows a specific format, and it should contain only succinct information about new products, awards your company has received, or even new employee announcements.

A well-written press release could attract attention from newspapers and magazines. If they feel your press release is useful to their readers, they will publish it. If a media outlet feels more information is warranted, they may ask for an in-depth interview, giving you even more small business exposure.

Be generous with your press releases, but make sure they are used only as newsworthy announcements, not as advertising ploys.

Hold a Media Event

Another way to get more small business exposure is to hold an event at your business and invite the media, as well as the public. A grand opening is a good example, as is a charity fundraiser or even a closeout sale. Try to make contacts with radio, TV, and newspaper personnel who can send reporters to your event.

Form a Joint Venture

Joint ventures are a great way to expand your customer base and get more business exposure. You could convince another business to engage in cross-promotional activities, where they expose your business to their customers, and vice-versa. Simple joint venture activities might include the following:

  • Leaving coupons from your business for their customers
  • Providing brochures and other materials at your JV partner’s store
  • Selling packages that contain you and your JV partner’s products or services
  • Sharing email and mailing lists

These are just a few ideas. Think of complementary businesses that would be a good fit and propose a joint venture to them.

Getting more exposure for your small business doesn’t have to be a chore. A little creativity with your promotional ideas can go a long way in obtaining more customers and getting your business name well known.

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