Small Business Guide to Using TikTok Stories

In recent years, TikTok has emerged as the most effective marketing platform. Read this small business guide to using TikTok stories like a pro.
small business guide to using tiktok stories

Businesses are looking for new ways to flourish their brand in the competitive market. This is where TikTok makes its way to provide a supportive platform for them to carry out their business effectively. Instead of narrowing it down to average users, it creates a platform for entrepreneurs to promote their brand products and services.

TikTok Stories is one of the most compelling features released by the platform. Users also essentially welcome this as they have already seen this feature on different social media platforms. They use this feature to share their moments and their quick thoughts. In addition, they tend to buy tiktok likes to drive more likes and engagement for their content rapidly.

If you are an SME and want this feature to work in your favor, then you are at the right place. Read this small business guide to using TikTok stories and get better insights about the Stories to feature. Let’s get started.

What do You need to Know about TikTok Stories?

TikTok Stories is a short-form video clip-sharing space where the content only stays on the platform for 24 hours. It is more or less similar to other social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Despite its similarities, some unique features distinguish TikTok Stories from other social platforms.

The specializations that set-apart this feature from other platforms are as follows:

  • It appears in the main feed along with other post feeds.
  • It includes comments sections that are embedded in the post.
  • It serves as a place to keep the comment conversations public rather than keeping them private.

7 Effective TikTok Video Ideas For SME

The launching of TikTok Stories has become a game changer for marketers, business professionals, and content creators. With the assistance of Stories, you can effectively sell your offerings more engagingly and uniquely. Therefore, take advantage of this update and show your prospects how effective your brand is through these content ideas.

1. Motivational or Inspirational Quotes

There are countless quotes that you can share with your audience to motivate them. You can share quotes in your Stories that align with the nature of your business. If possible, you can also share the saying of some notable personalities related to your industry and niche.

Or else, you can even write something valuable on your own and share it in your profile daily. Doing this allows you to easily attract an audience (ultimately potential customers) to your business efficiently. Sharing these types of content in your Stories will significantly impact your targeted group.

2. Sneak Peek of Your New and Upcoming Products

Sharing promotional content all of the time is not a good way to get exposure for your business. Because this will make your audience feel like you are always focusing on the profits. Also, this will not help you in any way to build a long-lasting relationship with your audience.

To clear this insecurity from the viewers, a sneak peek story can effectively engage them. Moreover, using tools will help you effectively engage more audience organically.

3. Make an Event Announcement

Are you ready to meet your followers and interact with them? If yes, then you can announce it in your Stories. Pro-tip is to make sure your announcement stories are entertaining and intriguing.

The whole point of sharing this content will be to induce curiosity and suspense for your upcoming event. No matter which approaches you choose, ensure that it makes a positive impact on your target audience. This will help you actively reach more people and customers.

4. Give a Short Intro of Your Team

Behind every successful business, there is an expert team who works hard for progress. Also, your followers will definitely be interested in getting to know about them. So you can share a short clip of your team members in your Stories.

Similarly, it will be more effective in strengthening your trust factor and genuineness about your SME. In addition, this will give an idea to your viewers about your company and its support pillars. Therefore, creating the image that you are more than just a logo and website is ideal for increasing sales.

5. Sharing a Quick Q&A Session

Question and answer sessions can be the right way to initiate communication with your audience. First, you can encourage them to share their views and queries in an interactive session. Later, you can post the answers and responses in separate Stories for each reply.

You can share your responses in a text format or film a video of yourself answering them. Sharing like this will actively increase your interactiveness and educate your audience as well. To give you an idea, if you look at any business website, you will find a separate space where FAQs are shared. Using tools as a part of your operations will be greatly supportive in increasing your online presence and strengthening your profile.

6. Seek Out Audience Suggestions

Aside from encouraging the audience to ask questions, you can even seek opinions regarding upgrading your products and services. This will help you to analyze your standard and position in the market and the image of your brand in the consumers’ minds as well.

To make it more effective, you can share your problems and ask for your audience’s suggestions by working together. For example, if you have an issue managing time, you may have your audience’s advice and come out with possible solutions. Involving your customer will benefit your business’s credibility and reliability.

7. Share and Celebrate Achievements

Whether you are accomplishing something big or small, make sure your audience is a part of the celebrations. It sounds simple yet efficacious in increasing your followers and driving website traffic.

Shoot entertaining Stories to showcase your high selling points and state their advantages too. Sharing some little things and moments can make a huge difference.

8. Share Your Client’s Highlights in Stories

Client testimonials can be further expanded to the ideas of the client’s highlights. In this way, you can be thankful for your customers and clients who have supported your business.

You should know that your potential buyers tend to listen and rely mainly on the existing clients’ testimonials to determine the value of a business or a brand. So have them on your side and let the prospect do the talking.

Your Next Steps

TikTok can be the finest social media platform for carrying out your business promotions and operations. Plus, you will never drain out of content strategies for your business. So you can live stream, post on feeds, and share creative TikTok Stories content to keep your audience engaged and your products in demand.

So it is the right time to set your business on the TikTok platform and make its features work in your favor. Don’t overthink. Let’s create some wow factors!

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