Remote Contributor Proposal

Responding to a request for proposal for a remote contributor? Create a remote contributor proposal with the guidance of this sample proposal.


AcmeCommunications, Inc.
1445 Revenue Blvd., 5th Floor
Richtown, MD 20076

Tel: (301) 555-6999, Fax: (301) 555-6899

June 28, 2007


Acme Communications, Inc. is a pioneer in the field of web based professional services including Intranet, Extranet, and Web-enabling solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises. We are headquartered in Rockville, MD and also have part of our technical development team in Bangalore, India, which enables us to service quick turn-around projects with high quality while maintaining low costs.

Acme has a reputation for providing quality products, outstanding customer support and value added services. Our clients include Wazoo, Yellowspoon, U.S. Dept. of Weather, and a host of other firms. Acme Communications, Inc. (“Acme”), who has successfully helped design and implement web sites and servers for many clients, is honored to submit this proposal in response to Orange Raisin’ request.


  • Each remote contributor will have a user level access with a user login and password.
  • The remote contributor mechanism will enable the users to add, delete and modify content in certain sections of the site with the help of a button on the editing template, except the home page.
  • The remote administrator will be authorized to change or modify any remotely posted content. In addition there will be a manager authorized for access to one channel (page) or subject.
  • The section headings will be defined and controlled either by Orange Raisin or XYZ. The links posted by Orange Raisin will be under their control.
  • The user will have an option to select the Search Engine from a specified list. A logo and search input box for the engines will be put on the site.
  • The remote contributor link should have the following conditions
    The link consists of title, URL and description and the Title is to be hyperlinked.
    The description field has to be HTML essentially.
  • The remote contributor interface has to be browser based and there will not be any intervention while the content is published. But access controls have to be provided to restrict access to a list of authorized users only. There will be remote administration for each of the sections as well.
  • There should be a content file for the XYZ section and a database can be used to manage the content. But the user must get the contents from the HTML or Text file only.


Language: C ++/JAVA/Perl (Server side), HTML (Client Side)
Database: MySQL
Defect Tracking Tool: AppSuite(our own proprietary Intranet tool)
Project Management Tool: Microsoft Project


The time frame for the project is estimated to be 8 weeks from receiving full functional specifications and authorization to proceed, with two software professionals working on the project. Acme cannot accept responsibility for delays in the delivery of the software caused by delays in receiving input or approvals from the client. The schedule for each of the stages is given below:

Stage Time frame
1. Rapid Prototype 14 Days
2. Alpha Site delivery 15 Days
3. Beta Site 13 Days
4. Final Delivery 14 Days


The cost for developing and delivering software as per the functional specifications given in the Scope of this document is $ x. The project will be managed in the U.S. with some of the technical work being done by our Bangalore, India staff in order to reduce the cost while being able to deliver in a timely fashion.

The services shall be carried out within the framework of the scope described in this proposal. If additional functionality is required, the additional work shall be carried out with mutually agreeable terms and conditions.

  • The charges quoted have been worked out on the basis of time expected to be taken for various activities, including the time taken for various approvals that would be provided by the client during the life cycle of project and such activities which are to be carried out by the client. Any delay in these approvals or activities shall affect the total effort of Acme Communications, Inc. and may lead to additional charges. The project schedule, however, is subject to the condition of force majeure.

Other Terms and Conditions

  1. Warranty on Software application:
    A Warranty Period of One month is provided from the date of delivery of the completed software application to THE CLIENT. During the warranty period all bugs in the software will be fixed free of charge at ACME’s offices. On-site support is available at an additional cost, which can be discussed at a later point.
  2. Intellectual Property Rights
    All Intellectual Property Rights for the finished software rest with THE CLIENT. Source Code and related Documentation as appropriate shall be submitted to THE CLIENT at the end of the project against the final payment installment.
  3. Use of the Software by ACME
    ACME would like to retain the right to demonstrate the application to other prospective clients to showcase ACME’s capabilities.
  4. Resolution of Disputes
    In case of any disputes and/or differences between the parties arising out of or in connection with this agreement, shall be resolved through non-binding
    arbitration under the rules of conciliation and arbitration of the American Arbitration Association. The Agreement shall abide by the laws of the State of Maryland.


While Acme would own the responsibility for the deliverables within the time frames listed in this proposal, full co-operation from THE CLIENT is an essential prerequisite for meeting these objectives. It is expected that THE CLIENT would ensure the following.

  • THE CLIENT would appoint a coordinator for the project to interact with ACME. The coordinator shall be responsible for ensuring cooperation with and assistance from THE CLIENT staff members, providing all requisite approvals, and making prompt payments as and when they fall due.
  • THE CLIENT would provide to ACME access to its personnel for testing and acceptance of software.
  • THE CLIENT would prepare and provide complete and comprehensive test data as needed for the timely completion of the project.

The above is subject to the following conditions:

  1. THE CLIENT would accord approval to the Systems Requirement Document submitted by ACME within a span of 5 working days from the date of submission, and accord approval for the Software prototype within two working days of its demonstration.
  2. THE CLIENT would arrange for the software acceptance testing within two days of ACME indicating our readiness to do so.
  3. THE CLIENT would provide all test data in the formats suggested by ACME within one week of being requested to do so.
  4. Any additional requirements stated at a later date would accordingly affect the schedules stated earlier.

More About Acme Communications, Inc.

More About Acme Communications, Inc.

While several firms can design home pages, we have produced award winning ones. PC Computing ranked our Business Resource Center as Number 12 in their list of the 101 Best Internet Sites. Success Magazine ranked it in their list of A to Z Most Valuable Resources. BusinessWeek wrote about how the Government Contractor Resource Center is helping
firms win more business. And Newsweek, ComputerWorld, the Dallas Morning News, and many other publications have listed our Business Resource Center and our Government Contractor Resource Center in their Top Ten lists of the best web sites. Other sites we have produced have been publicized in The Washington Post, CNN, and other national news media.

For examples of our work, see the following web sites:

  • [ example 1 ]
  • [ example 2 ]
  • [ example 3 ]
  • [ example 4]

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