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September 1st, 2007


With the emergence of the Internet over the past few years, the World Wide Web presents a tremendous opportunity for Country Fly Airlines (“Country Fly”) to expand its reach to its target audience. Acme Communications, Inc. (“Acme”), who has successfully helped design and implement web sites and servers for many clients, is honored to submit this proposal in response to Country Fly’s request.

The cost shown in the proposal reflects the time required to produce HTML documents, the format used for the web, and graphics in the four languages selected for the site.


Based on initial discussions with Country Fly, our understandings of the items to be included in the web site are listed below. Country Fly will provide the text for all of the pages for the site, including those in languages other than English, in electronic format (e.g., MS-Word or WordPerfect files).

The site will be in four languages:English, Flemish, French, and Spanish. We recommend placing basic information about the site on the home page and having country flags, with language name in text below, on this page. This will enable the user to navigate the site in his/her native language. Text for each section will have to be written in each language, but if the text for some of the basic sections (not the pricing or time schedules) does not change too frequently, you can use our online editing tool to automatically make quick updates to the text, regardless of the language.

About our online editing tool: we have developed technology that enables pages to be edited instantly from a web browser such as Netscape. This means that Country Fly can update text sections instantly without learning HTML. If Country Fly would prefer that we make such changes, we will establish procedures so the information is updated quickly. Installing this tool will depend upon the software installation policies of the web site host, ABC.

We also recommend redesigning the site’s graphics and excluding background patterns that, on some user’s computer monitors, might not contrast easily with the page’s text.

Web site sections (all text to be provided by Country Fly in electronic format):

  • About Country Fly. This section will include information about Country Fly, including Country Fly history, press releases, frequently asked questions, employment opportunities,
    and, in the future, employee of the month.
  • Fares & Timetable. This section is expected to require regular modifications. To do the updates quickly and efficiently, we will design an on-line administrative form so that Country Fly’s staff can enter the changes in the appropriate fields (e.g., flight times and rates), preview the changes, and save them. There will be separate administrative forms for bookings originating in each of the following countries: U.S., Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Denmark. On the different language versions of the initial Fares & Timetable page, we recommend having links to the various originating countries to display the fares for that country. The fares will be called up from the data stored using the administrative forms.
    This will not require anyone to learn HTML or use FrontPage or other HTML editing software. We will need to work with ABC, Country Fly’s current web site hosting firm, to have the administrative area for this section be password protected so that only authorized Country Fly staff can make updates.
    This section will also contain information on current promotions, route map, and contract of carriage. If future revisions to these sections require minimal modifications to the initial HTML pages we produce, Country Fly can make those modifications using our on-line editing tool. If the revisions are
    significant, such as adding graphics or making major changes to a page that require HTML modifications rather than just text changes, then Country Fly can send the revisions to us for conversion to HTML and uploading to the site (this service for future work will be billed hourly and is not priced in this proposal).
  • Service & Aircraft Info. This section will describe the service classes available on Country Fly flights; movies, meals, and entertainment; special services; airplanes used; and baggage policies.
  • Airport & Destination Info. This section will describe the airports in the countries served by Country Fly. As more destinations are added, Country Fly can send the text that is to go
    on-line to us by email and we will convert it to HTML and upload it to the site. (Such modifications are not included in the initial cost estimate and will be billed hourly.) Initial sections will include
    Brussels, the U.S., Mexico, and Connecting Destinations.
  • Country Fly Holidays. This section will contain an on-line brochure that visitors can view plus a form they can fill out to request a brochure by mail. Completed forms will be routed to a designated Country Fly email address. As with other sections of the site, revisions to this section can be done by sending us the text that is to go on-line for conversion to HTML and uploading to the site. (Such modifications are not included in the initial cost estimate and will be billed hourly.)
  • Travel Agent Information. The web enables certain documents or sections within a web site to be password- protected. This “secure” area will enable Country Fly to include special
    documents accessible only by certain people who have the password. This feature is implemented on the web site server so we will have to contact ABC to set it up. The documents within this section will include MAINSTREET booking information and instructions, Country Fly news and commission information, and two forms: 1) fax booking request form and 2) AD50 information and request form. Completed forms will be routed to a Country Fly designated email address.
  • On-line Booking. Please note that without knowing any technical details about the software for the planned on-line booking system, we cannot determine what is required from the booking engine to develop an interface for it. The on-line booking portion of Travel Express’ site works nicely, but unfortunately it does not provide sufficient information in determining the information we need to provide a quote for developing an interface. We can, however, display a “Coming Soon” graphic to match the site’s new design.
  • Contact Country Fly. This section will tell visitors how to contact Country Fly, including contacts for passengers and for travel agents. We will also create a customized contact form for people to contact Country Fly easily by email. The form would includes fields for users to enter their name, address, phone, fax, email, and select multiple checkboxes to request various material, such as brochures and timetables, and an open text field to type in any specific questions they might have. The completed forms are routed to the email address of a designated Country Fly staff member. This is effectively an electronic Business Reply Card. The email addresses collected from this form can also be used to build an electronic email list (see below).
  • Email List. While unsolicited electronic mailings are taboo on the Internet, sending email to those who want it is permitted. This means that Country Fly can send a newsletter, last minute fare specials, announcement, press release, etc. to people who ask to get on an “electronic” mailing list. This can save thousands of dollars in postage and printing costs alone, but can really be used for timely broadcasts of information to those who request it. Users just go to a page on the site, enter their email address, and click on “Subscribe” or “Unsubscribe” (visit for an example). Our software takes care of the rest. To send a mailing to everyone on the list, all Country Fly has to do is to send an email to just one email address and the message will be delivered to everyone immediately. We can also set up separate electronic mailing lists for different topics (e.g., “Specials to Brussels”, “Specials to Orlando”, etc.). Also, a question on the Contact Form (described above) could ask if the visitor wants to get on the email list. This is an easy way to build the list. Quick note: since ABC is managing your domain name, we will have to coordinate with them to have access to the addresses to be used for the email list(s).
  • Site Map. This section contains an overview of the site to allow visitors to quickly find and link to the section/information they are looking for.


During our initial discussion, we mentioned our capability to include a few additional items other web service firms do not provide. These items are very low in cost yet offer substantial value.

  • Online Marketing. Once Country Fly’s web site is online, how will prospects and customers find it? We offer two ways to let the world know that Country Fly is on the web:
    1. Listing in Search Engines: We will register Country Fly’s web site’s address in 100 of the most popular search engines on the web, including Yahoo, Lycos, Excite, Webcrawler,
      and many others. People using the Internet almost always use these search engines as starting points to find sites they have an interest in. To do this listing, Country Fly simply needs to provide us with 10 keywords and a short description of the site. Registration in these search engines typically takes a few weeks to a few months. Please note that getting listed in the search engine cannot be guaranteed since it is up to the search engines to list web sites.
    2. Press Release: We will send a press release written by Country Fly electronically to hundreds of reporters who cover the Internet. These include reporters from large magazines like Newsweek, Time, the Wall Street Journal, and many others. This will bring Country Fly added coverage very quickly¾without the printing or postage charges normally associated with sending a press release.


Item: Estimated Cost
Initial HTML coding in 4 languages for the various sections described in the Scope, and programming (CGI) for the price schedule modifications tool database for the eight originating countries for bookings, and the online editing tool to enable Country Fly to make text modifications to pages quickly; content to be provided on disk or via email by Country Fly. $x
Redesign graphics for site, includes:

  • 3 original graphic designs, the level of which is like our NAL site as demonstrated to Country Fly earlier
  • corresponding header graphics for subsequent pages based on the sections and section names listed in this proposal
  • 2 rounds of modifications to the selected design

Additional graphics work will be billed at $x/hour

“Secure” password protected area for Travel Agent Information section Cost will depend on ABC’s fees
Email list setup and maintenance (per list cost); cost may vary with ABC’s fees $x setup, $x/month

  1. Listing in Search Engines (one-time submission to all major search engines; listings in search engines cannot be guaranteed)
  2. Press Release (per release)
Additional HTML file conversion (for future work as noted in the proposal) $x/hour
Additional graphic design (for modifications to graphics containing section names or for adding new sections) $x/hour
Additional software development/custom programming (for modifications to CGI scripts, such as fare/timetable program and the various contact forms, integration to on-line booking system, or other work involving programming tasks–not basic HTML file conversion) $x/hour


We anticipate that the entire web site can be set up in approximately six to eight weeks, depending on the speed at which the content becomes available to us.


Several of the automated update tools that we have proposed for the site are based on the web site hosting firm, ABC in this case, allowing us to write and execute programs written in Perl (a
common programming language for the web). If ABC does not allow access to CGI directories or allow us to use Perl programs, we do offer site hosting with these capabilities for $x setup and $x/month.

This proposal may be used as the Statement of Work for an Agreement between Country Fly and Acme Communications, Inc.


While several firms can design home pages, we have produced award winning ones. PC Computing ranked our Business Resource Center as Number 12 in their list of the 101 Best Internet Sites. Success Magazine ranked it in their list of A to Z Most Valuable Resources. BusinessWeek wrote about how the Government Contractor Resource Center is helping
firms win more business. And Newsweek, ComputerWorld, the Dallas Morning News, and many other publications have listed our Business Resource Center and our Government Contractor Resource Center in their Top Ten lists of the best web sites. Other sites we have produced have been publicized in The Washington Post, CNN, and other national news media.

For examples of our work, see the following web sites:

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We have also done a lot of web site development for the National Association of Popsicle Dealers. However, their system is internal and proprietary so we do not have publicly available web address for our clients and prospects to visit.

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