The 8 Best Business Plan Books in 2022

Are you looking to get the best ideas to kickstart your journey? This curated list of the best business plan books in 2022 can get you on your way.
best business plan books in 2022

You are finally ready to start that business you’ve been sitting on for a while, but you have no idea how to begin. There is a lot of planning to do and so much advice in the pipelines. So, how do you begin? Start with the best business plan books in 2022. The curated list below includes books from year past but they represent the best options to launch your business today.

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Best Business Plan Books in 2022

It is often said that every prosperous owner is an avid reader of self-help books, so let’s begin from there. Get some real-world guidance from the best industry leaders and business owners in these eight books we have picked. Master how to position yourself properly, create personal connections, and build your dream team.

Yes, you have to separate the fluff from the real counsel. Learn how to lay the proper foundation for your startup with these best business plan books in 2022.

1. “Hurdle: The Book on Business Planning” by Tim Berry

This trusty gem has made it on many lists and stays atop of our best business plan books in 2022. Tim is the founder of Palo Alto Software, makers of Business Plan Pro and Live Plan, and was one of’s partners when we started the site many years ago.

If you want a book that would break down the steps to constructing a solid business plan, then “Hurdle” is an amazing option. Written by Tim Berry, the book teaches the reader the basics of business planning, daily organizational management, and how best to implement what you’ve learned in real-life situations.

That is not all; you also get multiple examples on profit monitoring and calculation, cash flow tracking, plus a 53-page workbook to master drafting a working business plan. So it’s two for the price of one. With this book, you get to practice your business plan while you read.

2. “Anatomy of A Business Plan” by Linda Pinson

If you read this book, you will discover that the writer, Linda Pinson nailed her goals, as the name of the book suggests. With this title, you can draft a tailor-made business plan that considers your business case and specifics.

From organizational structure, financial documentation, marketing systems, marketing, and planning, this title holds your hand through it all. Get extensive reviews, valuable hints and ideas, workbooks, plus five real-world sample business plans to get you started.

Josh Radnore, a businessman, books critic and a writer for PapersOwl underlines the key principle of a business plan: “The right business plan should take your long-term goals into consideration. Ask yourself what you want to achieve and set realistic and achievable goals”. He carries on by adding: “When you do this, you can know what you need to do to get where you want to go”.

3. “The One Page Business Plan for the Creative Entrepreneur” by Jim Horan

Are you trying to draft a concise one sheet business plan to meet up urgently with an investor? Jin Horan and Tom Peter came up with a quick but detailed guide that focuses on the exact details you need to write that plan. You get a book that can guarantee your success without taking too much of your time.

There is no need to read this overnight; you can figure out clear ways to outline your business systems, objectives, road map, action plan, and the vision and mission statements in a few hours.

4. “The Secrets to Writing a Successful Business Plan” by Hal Shelton

Read this concise and well-written guide to get a glimpse into the secrets Hal Shelton has to share. Just by reading this step-by-step title and implementing the teachings, you can set your organization up for success.

Learning from your mistakes is so last year; this book will teach you the common errors business owners make when planning. You would also grasp how to develop your unique style to help you attract investors and loans, help – when, where and how to get it – and how to stand out.

5. “The Art of The Start 2.0” by Guy Kawasaki

It’s not just about drafting a business plan; there are other necessary things that can affect your small business when you are starting. To help you plan and achieve your goals more easily, Guy Kawasaki, who you might know from the Canva design platform, has prepared the “essential guide for anyone starting anything”.

Get access to real-world counsel on how to perfect your pitch, crowdfunding, bootstrapping, the role of social media and other digital innovations in drafting the ideal business plan.

6. “The Complete Book of Business Plans” by Joseph A Covello and Brian J Hazelgren

This title made it to our best business plan books in 2022 because of the examples it provides. Get ahead with the dozens of business plan templates this title offers. Do you need motivation or counsel on attracting the right investors? Only by answering these questions in detail can you create a successful business plan to help you begin a profitable company.

You’ve got all you require in detail here, including the right steps to statistical analysis. You can even grasp how to pick the right business partners and plan for success and business longevity.

It does not matter if you are a first-timer or starting your fifth organization. With this book, you would be forced to ask yourself every difficult question that needs to be answered.

7. “The Founder’s Dilemmas” by Noam Wasserman

Business planning goes beyond market research, drafting a pitch and attracting investors with a business plan template. Along the line in this never-ending journey, you would need to think about leadership and how it can affect your new company. The staffing and leadership roles and whom you employ can say a lot.

The author, Noam Wasserman, helps you look at these factors before they can become issues. Take a break from the “how” and “why” of the ideal business plan and focus on the “who” in this interesting read.

8. “Successful Business Plan: Secrets and Strategies” by Rhonda Abrams

Not every business plan will work, and this title would help you determine whether the one you have in mind is a winner. Authored by an expert in all business matters, Rhonda Abrams, you can learn about positioning, organizational costs, proven strategies for funding, and the competition.

With graphics, exercises, and worksheets to make reading fun, this is one of the best business plan books in 2022 and you will discover a thing or two, especially if you take some guidance given by other experts.


The guidance you get and the information you consume when starting any business are crucial to its success. Don’t start one of those companies that fold up early on because of poor organizational design and systems. To plan properly, you need to master tips and tricks from the best of the best, and you can get this by reading the best business plan books in 2022.

So, pick one of the titles in this carefully curated list and download’s sample business plans today and you’ll be well on your way to planning a successful business that promises longevity.

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