The 9-5 Work Structure Is Becoming Less and Less Popular

The 9-5 work structure has failed in terms of productivity and improving the overall working culture. This post will discuss every possible detail.
9-5 work structure

A 9 to 5 shift is the first idea that pops into your mind whenever someone mentions work. That has been the case for over a hundred years, ever since Henry Ford created the concept. At that time, people were used to working more than 12 hours, so reducing their time by a third seemed like a massive bonus. If we teleport to today, nothing has changed, and people are still glued to their work chairs, even though they’re not working on a production line.

Most people today work with efficient programs and can complete their tasks in much less time. The pandemic that started two years ago was a wake-up call for companies to embrace a new model of operation – remote work.

Suddenly, people got their time back and didn’t lose hours stuck in traffic, thus saving money and being more productive at work. Not only that, but people found out that they can complete their tasks much faster when they’re not making small talk with their coworkers.

The work that took you an entire day to complete suddenly takes 4 hours if you concentrate and put the effort in. If you’re working remotely, that leaves a lot of space for working out, seeing friends, and chilling with family. But you can’t go home if you’re at the office for the day and finish all of your tasks in due time. That’s where the problem lies. Let’s look at some ways in which the 9-5 work structure will evaporate from the working world.


Not all people are the same. Some folks perform better in the morning, and others do better at night. It all depends on the lifestyle and the biorhythm of the specific person. Flexibility is essential if you want to create a culture focused on improving productivity.

Having the freedom to work whenever you want leads to being content and happy with your job. When you’re happy, you’re more likely to finish your tasks faster because your brain is in the zone. Not only that, but people have a 4-hour span where they can do deep work daily. Everything else after that just fills up the time.

More Focus

Imagine you have an urgent task with a deadline in the next couple of hours that will usually take you an entire day to complete. You would give it your all and use extreme focus to complete it before the deadline. In this case, psychology plays a massive part in how focused you are, and you always finish it before the clock strikes.

When you’ve got less time to complete a task, your productivity becomes enhanced, and your focus increases drastically. Thus, shortening your workday might lead to better time management and heightened focus.

How To Handle Distractions When You’re Working Remotely?

The biggest problem when it comes to remote work is handling distractions. If you’re a parent, your kids will bust into the room with all sorts of requests that need to be addressed immediately. Some people have pets, too, which adds even more responsibility to the mix.

If your kids attend school remotely, you must ensure that they’re doing their homework and assisting them with unclear things. All of these demands pull you in different directions, making it almost impossible to get anything done.

Procrastination is a massive problem. There’s no one to stop you from watching an entire season on Netflix instead of finishing your daily tasks. You could also play video games or scroll on social media. Time sure flies when you’re scrolling.

One of the best strategies to use is going cold turkey. Adhere to your kids and pets, and finish all your responsibilities before locking your door and starting to work. Put your phone in a drawer or outside the room, get a water bottle, and use an app to block all distractions. You’ll get everything done before the timer pings.

Are There Any Dangers To Remote Work?

You’ll send confidential info online when you transition from the office. If you get hacked, that data will leak, and it could fall into the wrong hands. A VPN will ensure that your connection is secure and encrypted, and you won’t have to worry about making any mistakes. Most services have an added tracker blocker to help you avoid intrusive ads. That way, you will hit two birds with one stone.

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