The Benefits of Office Sharing

The Benefits of Office Sharing

If you need office space for your small business, but just can’t afford it yet, then office sharing might be right for you.

By sharing an office space, you are able to cut the cost of the rent and utilities in half.

It’s easy to find offices that are suitable for sharing and, if appropriate, you will also be able to share the cost of administrative workers and a receptionist as well.

Finding a Space

Sometimes, people wishing to share office space will advertise on community sites such as Craig’s List. Check those sites as well as your local paper.

Be sure to get to know your potential office mate as not all matches will be ideal. For example, if you’re a writer then sharing with someone who plans to run a tattoo business out of the office might not work.

You’ll need to agree on certain issues, such as noise levels and the amount of traffic that will be coming and going from the office before deciding to share.

Also, you will need to decide together what name will be on the door and how the telephone is to be answered.

Legal Considerations

If you plan to rent an office with the thought of then subletting a space to another business owner, be sure to check with the landlord to see if such an arrangement is allowed.

Also – and this should go without saying – all arrangements need to be in writing and all contracts should be reviewed by your lawyer.

Thousands of business owners have found a solution to the high cost of office space by sharing. It might be the answer you’ve been looking for as well.

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