Planning a Memorable Trivia Night For Staff and Clients

Planning a trivia night for your staff or clients is a wonderful way to deepen human connections. It can generate more business and retain teams.
trivia night for staff

Do you want to host a fun and existing quiz or trivia night for your staff and clients? 

Well, it is worth noting that regardless of your selected audience, you are in for a lot of work – because there are many boxes you need to tick to make a trivia night fun. 

Trivia Night for Staff and Clients

But there’s no need to panic or worry; we’ve compiled steps you can take to help make your trivia night successful.

With that said, here are some tips that can help you host a successful event or trivia night.

Obtain Adequate Supplies

Ensure you always bring or have extra supplies when you host the event. You don’t want to run out of materials, answer papers, pencils, or awards on a busy night!

You need to have a backup plan for everything, including the booze and snacks you would serve that night. In fact, to make drink and snack preparations easier, you could use a brewery event management software provided by – they make the process smoother and more leisurely.

Maintain The Proper Score

Making a mistake and giving a group the incorrect tally could dampen the mood and breed animosity among the trivia players. 

To avoid that, we recommend you use an automatic scoreboard, such as the one that comes with most trivia game apps, or find another means to monitor game points that aren’t manual.

Choose beforehand who will assist you in keeping track of points, the number of individuals you want in a group (always make it between four and six), and the number of marks for every correct answer. 

Furthermore, if the questions become tougher as the game progresses, the scores for every answer should also get higher. 

The best trivia MCs always ask their participants to put their devices away; however, you must have an established rule for the individual who will undoubtedly “just want to check for a message,” as there is no way to be sure if they are being dishonest – you conserve a significant amount of time and stress by establishing this guideline ahead.

Understand Your Audience

Planning a trivia night for your staff or clients is a wonderful way to deepen human connections. You can even use it in Account Based Marketing (ABM), a fast-growing marketing technique to grow or acquire large client accounts.

The more information you have on the customers that frequently come there, the better. You’ll be capable of adapting as necessary during the evening when you get a sense of what your customers prefer, their degree of experience, and who might be picky.

Have Quality Awards

Nothing is sadder than finishing the evening, announcing the champions, and providing poor gifts for the groups who earned them. To preserve your customers’ interest, collaborate with your service workers to assist in getting gift vouchers and bar merchandise.

Try To Have A Fantastic Time

This guideline may be the most crucial of all. If you’re having a good time, so will your customers. Keep in mind that everyone in the audience probably recognizes you as the host of the event – so make sure you’re having fun because your enthusiasm can be infectious.

Prepare Yourself And Proper Questions

As they say, practice makes perfect, and trivia evenings are no different. 

In order to facilitate a successful trivia night, make sure you rehearse your role in the night beforehand so that everything will go correctly when your customers start rolling in.

It will be way smoother for everyone concerned if you practice your part in the game well – this includes passing out resources, going over questions, being familiar with the answers and appropriate responses, and concluding stages and games.

Further, ensure the questions are well prepared. A healthy balance between the questions you are asking and the audience is something you want to ensure. This involves including tests with various levels of difficulty. 

A decent goal for this is to have three easy, three medium, three hard, and one tiebreaker in a collection of ten questions. If you strike the improper balance, your viewers will get impatient or uninterested. 

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