Use Greeting Cards for Warm Marketing

Running a successful small business is not only about selling products, but also developing relationships with your customers.

Just as you feel good after every successful sale, your customers need to feel good when dealing with you – and you should let them know that you appreciate their loyalty and their business.

What You Need To Do

You will first need to make a database of all the customers that you plan to send greeting cards to. Then you need to decide when you're going to send cards to each particular customer. While sending cards on holidays like Christmas and Easter may seem like a no-brainer, it isn't quite that simple.

Some customers of certain faiths might get offended if you send them greeting cards on certain occasions (like Easter, Christmas, Passover and so on); so indicate in your database the customers that this may apply to.

Personalization is Key

If possible, write personally in your greeting cards so that customers realize that you have not just sent them a card for the sake of it, but that you really mean to stay in touch.

You can write a specific line for customers that you know personally. You can also send out greeting cards to new customers so that you start a tradition as they turn into your ‘old' customers. Make sure that you have customers' names written or printed correctly on envelopes, and also make sure that your greeting card reaches your customers in time.

Avoid sending greetings by email or by fax — this is highly impersonal and smacks of cheap marketing.

Using greeting cards as a marketing tool doesn't cost a lot, but when done right, it is very effective.

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