7 Vital Call Center Features That Most Solutions Are Still Missing 

vital call center features

Technology is advancing, and now you have tons of fantastic features to manage your call center effectively. These help you organize call flows, enhance employee productivity and elevate the customer experience.

If you are not using them, it will be exhausting for you to keep up your call center’s performance. So, make sure to use the needed features according to your call center’s unique requirements and prioritize.

Vital Call Center Features

How will you know those vital call center features you shouldn’t miss? This guide will help you in that as here we have distilled the seven most important features and briefly explained their working and advantages. Read it carefully and increase your knowledge!

1. Three-Way Calling

As its name suggests, three-way calling permits two agents to handle a call simultaneously. For instance, a customer-facing technical and non-technical issue simultaneously calls your call center. Now, with the help of three-way calling, you can connect a technical expert and another agent in one call.

Once the technical agent fixes the issue, the second one can take care of the non-technical issue. This way, customers will get prompt support and the best solution in minimal time, leading to a positive brand image.

2. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

CTI is a real game-changer, but most call center solutions are still missing it. Computer telephony integration has some amazing benefits like:

  • It provides the caller’s complete information
  • It displays all call-related functions on the computer
  • It routes calls to other workstations

Using CTI will highly increase the efficiency of your team members. This feature is available in most modern call centers and, with its help, you can turn any internet–connected area into a virtual call center.

3. Predictive Dialer

Although it doesn’t take much time to dial a number manually, think about call center agents. They have to dial hundreds of numbers in a day, and doing that all manually will require a lot of time and effort.

Predictive dialers come in handy in this regard as they automate dialing the numbers. When one call ends, these dial another number after a specific time (your agent can use this time for doing certain other tasks). Hence, predictive dialers allow your agents to make multiple outbound calls with minimal effort and in less time.  

4. Smartphone/ App Integration

It seems that most modern employees prefer to work from home, and even if they don’t completely shift to remote work, they can’t stay in the call center 24/7. However, your customers can call anytime, so what’s the solution?

You should provide a smartphone or app integration to your agents. This way, they will be able to handle the customers from the comfort of their homes. This has now become one of the most vital call center features and will provide the agents with needed flexibility and boost their productivity.

5. Conversational AI

Conversational AI can help reduce business costs, and every call center should harness its power. Plus, even your best agents have some limitations, while these chatbots are highly useful if used properly.

They can recognize various human languages and respond naturally by using advanced techniques. Hence, whenever your agents are not available, these conversational AI will deal with them efficiently.

These customer engagement AI also saves new hires and guides customers to submit various requests. Unfortunately, some call centers are still not using chatbots, and if you are one of them, you must try them.

6. Call Scripting

The call script contains the answers to common questions and essential talking points. It helps the agent quickly respond to the customer’s issues and guide them in the best possible way. Plus, when an agent has all the answers in front of them, they won’t fumble during the call.

It reduces training time since you can teach the fresh faces what they have to cover in each call through a call script. Additionally, a good script minimizes the risk of errors resulting in a positive customer experience. Another great advantage is that it promotes consistency, so even your untrained agents can help the customers the same way as your best agents do.

7. Workforce Management

Most employees are not able to manage schedules and balance workloads. This is where workforce management software comes in handy. With their help, you can have a bird’s eye on the current project’s progress, staff activity and your important key performance indicators (KPI).

Besides, these help you distribute work among agents according to their qualifications and skill level. They send automated reminders to the agents and help them to manage their schedules effectively,

Wrapping Up

If you own or manage a call center, you should ensure that you are not missing vital call center features like conversational AI, app integration, three-way calling, etc. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to manage your customers and agents efficiently. 

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