Sunday, January 17, 2021
Home Marketing Tips Want to Increase Customer Loyalty? Try a Newsletter!

Want to Increase Customer Loyalty? Try a Newsletter!

Want to Increase Customer Loyalty? Try a Newsletter!

Almost every small business owner knows that you can increase customer loyalty with a great product and great customer service.

But if you want to retain more customers over time and gain new ones, you need to do more.

Try an email newsletter. Here are a few reasons why you should:

Newsletters Outshine Pure Advertisements

There’s no doubt about it – many customers regard advertisements as nuisances. However, they usually welcome useful information.

You can use your newsletter to give customers information on new products and services, pressing business issues and company updates.

You can also place discreet advertisements in the body of your newsletter.

Email Newsletters Can Be Passed Around

If a customer finds your newsletter helpful and informative, chances are they will pass it around to their friends and associates.

If this happens, their friends may also do the same, resulting in greater exposure for your business.

Make Sure the Information is Good

It doesn’t matter who you’re sending your email newsletter to – they’ll dump it into their trash box if it isn’t relevant, doesn’t contain good information, or is too salesy.

Your newsletter needs to walk that fine line between being interesting and informative and promoting your business.

Don’t just pack your newsletter with ads. Include a few helpful articles and links to products or services that customers may be interested in.

Don’t forget to include a ‘send to a friend’ link so that your current customers can help you promote your newsletter.

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