Marketing, Web 2.0 Style

Marketing, Web 2.0 Style

The Internet has recently taken a massive step forward in terms of its evolution.

The rise of social networking sites and services has become so popular that it has caused whoever entitles such phenomenon to come up with a whole new Internet Age, dubbed Web 2.0.

Web 2.0 is centered around sites such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and so on. These sites not only offer a lot of information to those browsing, they allow individuals to tailor their own pages to reflect their personal tastes and lifestyles.

The idea caught on like wildfire, and you can see shades of Web 2.0 philosophy in everything from children’s sites to business sites.

Adapt or Die

Web 2.0 has meant that many businesses have the opportunity to adapt and take advantage of an entirely new marketing medium.

Whereas traditional Internet marketing met the criteria used by media forms of advertising, the development of social networking means that businesses can now take advantage of the most important marketing tool of all, personal contacts.

Just how can a business use Web 2.0 to get the word out there? Well, the first step is to join the different social networking sites.

How to Use It

Once you have a Facebook or MySpace page set up, you want to find a good balance between business and personal life.

Most small business owners choose to use their social networking sites with taste when it comes to advertising their businesses; they set up groups to get the word out, update their pages, and so on.

It’s a non-invasive marketing approach that doesn’t intrude on people’s sense of personal space, but still gets the word out about your small business.