What is a Web News Release?

Technology has transformed the way the media works with press releases. Find out what a web news release is and how to use them to your company’s advantage.

The media and technology have created a partnership that makes it faster and easier to start sending out press releases. A web news release is essentially a press release that is distributed in electronic form. Web news releases are the wave of the future for business owners and the media. When used properly, a good web news release has the potential to enhance your business. Here are some commonly posed questions and helpful answers pertaining to web news releases:

Why Use a Web News Release?

Web news releases are practical for businesses of all sizes and in all different industries. These are the top three reasons why you should use a web news release:

  • Spin-ability – Leading media services and journalists like to explore web press releases to get ideas for feature stories. If you start sending out press releases via the web, these influential bodies will have access to information on your company with the click of a button. It is possible that your web press release will influence a journalist to write a feature story with some spin.
  • Traffic-ability – Web news releases create genuine interest from readership, and they have the potential to create some serious traffic for your company’s website. The increase in traffic has the potential to increase your revenues.

What is the Correct Format for a Web News Release?

A web news release should look just like a regular press release. The only difference is that it should be in a user-friendly format. For example, you should never include HTML in a web press release because depending on where you send it, readers may or may not be able to see everything clearly. It’s also a good idea to omit your email address from a web press release because the prevalence of spam and scam emails is growing.

How Do I Send out Press Releases?

  • Search-ability – Web news releases come up in common searches on leading sites like Yahoo and Google. If someone types in a keyword or phrase related to your web press release, it is likely to come up in their search results.

The beauty of a web news release is that it can be sent electronically. This saves paper and time. Most radio, television, and newspapers offer online submission forms for web press releases. There are also some very large networks available that allow you to distribute a web press release to a network of media agents for a nominal fee. Simply sign up for the service and post your web news release online where it will be viewed by thousands of media specialists from all over the world.

Web news releases are the most efficient way to start sending out press releases. Your distribution strategy should relate to your organizational goals. Start small in your local area and expand to include some of the bigger networks that make web press releases part of large search engines. The potential for growth in your business is unlimited with the powers of media and technology combined!

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