Website Design Proposal Template

Copy/paste this website design proposal template to create one for your clients. Use it to generate more business for your web design company.
website design proposal template

Copy/paste this website design proposal template to create one for your clients. Use it to generate more business for your web design company.

Website Design Proposal Template


Acme Communications, Inc.
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September 1st, 20xx

1. Background

The emergence of the Internet era provides the Chelsea Chapter of National Widgets Think Tank (“Chelsea Chapter”) to expand its reach to its target audience as well as serve its existing members and loyalists in a far effective manner. Acme Communications, Inc. (“Acme”) has successfully helped design and implement web sites for many clients worldwide. It is our honor to submit this proposal in response to Chelsea Chapter’s request.

2. Website Design Structure and Scope

Based on initial discussions with Chelsea Chapter, our understandings of the items to be included in the web site are listed below. Chelsea Chapter will provide all the text for all of the pages for the site in electronic format. The site’s main objective would be to provide information on Chelsea Chapter and update visitors with happenings in the association. Web site sections (all text/content to be provided by Chelsea Chapter in electronic format).

  • About the Chapter: This section will include information on the mission statements, purpose (objective) and history of the Chelsea Chapter. It would also have general information about Chelsea Chapter.
  • People: This section will provide information about the people behind the working of the Chelsea Chapter i.e. Officers, Executive committee, the various committees, Committee members, Board Meeting Dates etc.
  • Chapter Life and News: This section is expected to carry a brief synopsis of the happenings and the news. It would include a list of the past events i.e. this list would include information about the news roundup, latest happenings, synopsis views of distinguished speakers etc. This section would also allow visitors to submit the order form for purchase of audiocassettes of the speeches/comments of speakers. This section would require content management i.e. the content would change at frequent intervals. So an Administration section would be needed.
  • Upcoming Events: This section would include information about the future/upcoming events and programs of the Chapter. It would also include all the events and programs related to the association and held in the Chelsea region. This section requires frequent updating/modifications (refer Administration section)
  • Members Section: This section would be a dedicated section for the members of the Chelsea Chapter. It would require every member to enter his or her user id and password in order to have access to this section. This section would have a snapshot of the Chelsea membership Directory and could carry special articles or issues.
  • Links: This section would include links to the National Association home page and other related web pages.
  • Industry issues: This section would cover important or relevant issues/ problems faced by the industry today. It would also carry a monthly issue with a list of Uli publications that would cover industry issues.
  • Email alerts and list: While unsolicited emails are taboo on the Internet, sending email to those who want is permitted. This means that Chelsea Chapter can send email alerts to all the members (and others who enroll themselves for this service) informing them whenever some new information is posted on the site. This will cut down costs and help in the timely broadcasts of information to those who request it. The list would be updated automatically as soon as a visitor enrolls to receive the email. Also to send a mail to everyone on the mailing list, all the administrator has to do is to send an email to one email address and the email would be delivered to everyone immediately.
  • Administration section: To do the updates quickly and efficiently, we will design an administrative section so that Chelsea Chapter staff can make the updates/modifications. This will not require anyone to learn HTML. This administrative section would be a password protected section so that only authorized staff can make updates. The sections that would be covered by this functionality are Chapter Life and News, Upcoming events and weekly/monthly articles/updates.

3. Website Hosting

We recommend hosting the website on Site Ground, which provides 24/7 support and low cost hosting services.

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4. Cost Summary for Website Design

Item: Estimated Cost
Initial HTML coding for the various sections described in the Scope, and programming for the administration section to update and make changes to various sections online(content management), database of members, receiving order form for purchasing products, automatic emails alerts and listing; content to be provided on a shared online drive or via email by Chelsea Chapter (Duration- 4 weeks) $ x
Design graphics for site, includes:

  • 1 original graphic design.
  • Corresponding header graphics for subsequent pages based on the sections and section names listed in this proposal
  • 1 rounds of modification to the selected design

Additional graphics work will be billed at $x/hour
Duration – (2 weeks)

$ x
Quality Assurance and Testing
(Duration – 1 week)
$ x
Additional HTML file conversion (for future work) $x/hour
Additional graphic design (for modifications to graphics containing section names or for adding new sections) $x/hour
Additional software development/custom programming (for modifications to programming scripts, such as registration forms, weekly/monthly articles etc. or other work involving programming tasks–not basic HTML file conversion) $x/hour

5. Website Development Timeline

We anticipate that the entire web site can be set up in approximately seven to eight weeks, depending on the speed at which the content becomes available to us.

6. Technology Partnership

Acme will work with its partner, WebToolKit, Inc. to perform most of the development activities listed above. Acme and WebToolKit have jointly worked on similar projects and have a relationship since early 20xx. The two companies use web resources extensively to reduce the communication costs and deliver product in a timely and professional manner. The overseas development model has helped many companies to benefit from the lower development costs while still maintaining a quality product. Acme would like to offer the same to Chelsea Chapter.

About WebToolKit

WebToolKit Pvt Ltd has built a solid reputation for high quality products, outstanding customer support and value. Our global development centers are located at Bangalore and Mumbai. We also have full-fledged operations in India’s major metros and in the United States of America.

WebToolKit’s component-based approach to development allows to develop and deploy Internet, intranet and extranet solutions that are open, seamless and flexible.

WebToolKit has the latest state-of-art technology machines, and tools for the developers. The WebToolKit team has a passion of locating new tools/software and employing it to achieve their tasks more efficiently and quickly, enabling better service to the customers.

WebToolKit is a leading provider of creative Web professional services called eBusiness services. Set up in early 20xx, WebToolKit have focused exclusively on the Internet domain and are building expertise mainly to such perspective. Over the short span since our inception, we have cemented a focal team of over 100 cadres, successfully completed over 100 client engagements besides presently having more than 25 ongoing client engagements. WebToolKit clientele include product companies looking to reengineer their products for the Web, Internet-based portals, ISP’s and medium to large existing corporate enterprises adapting their organizations and businesses to take advantage of eBusiness.

For examples of our work, see the following web sites:

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About Acme Communications

While several firms can design home pages, we have produced award winning ones. PC Computing ranked our Business Resource Center as Number 12 in their list of the 101 Best Internet Sites. Success Magazine ranked it in their list of A to Z most Valuable Resources. Business Week wrote about how the Government Contractor Resource Center is helping firms win more business. And Newsweek, Computer World, and The Dallas Morning News, and many other publications have listed our Business Resource Center and our Government Contractor Resource Center in their Top Ten lists of the best web sites. Other sites we have produces have been publicized in The Chelsea Post, Wall Street Journal and other national news media.

For examples of our work, see the following web sites:

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