What to Include In Your B2B SaaS Newsletter

There are a few types of emails that SaaS companies must send regularly, including a B2B SaaS newsletter. Here's exactly what you should do.
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Sending a SaaS newsletter (software-as-a-service) remains an excellent way to keep in touch with clients and prospects. If your focus is selling to other businesses (B2B, or business-to-business), your emails will drive adoption and increase usage. There’s much more to it than sending a B2B SaaS newsletter.

A SaaS Newsletter is Not Enough

As part of your SaaS Marketing Plan, there are a few types of email communications that B2B SaaS companies should be sending regularly:

  • Educational SaaS Newsletter. This should talk about industry trends, ways other clients have solved problems that your product addresses. Your SaaS newsletter should have an image for each article with a very short excerpt that prompts the reader to click to your blog for more info, or to download a new guide you produced. Try to limit it to 3 items per SaaS newsletter so it’s easy to scan and take action if desired. Don’t exceed 5 items since it gets too long to read quickly.
  • SaaS Product Insights and Updates. SaaS customers want to know about new features and smart ways they can use your product to be more productive. Show them! One of our most successful product marketing efforts was a monthly product update video. It was very popular and helped get customers using our SaaS product more and more. For bigger releases, we would host a SaaS product webinar so clients could ask questions and see demos of new features. This is a very useful type of email to send in addition to your SaaS newsletter.
  • Automated Usage or Data Reports. Create and automatically email a report from last month’s activity or insights for the user, or new relevant data if yours is some sort of data product. This automated report is designed to get users to log back in. It works significantly better than a SaaS newsletter and should a critical part of your client communication strategy because it increases adoption and retention. A wonderful example of such a report is the Google Analytics monthly usage report. It provides quick insight into web page activity by showing a short list and then prompting the reader to click for more.

Sending these different B2B SaaS emails will also help you differentiate your SaaS business from the competition. The more focused your email communications, the more your brand will be remembered.

Other B2B Newsletter Tips

  • Design your SaaS newsletter to be responsive, that is, mobile-friendly. Current reports indicate that most of us read over 45% of all emails on a mobile device.
  • If you have the bandwidth to do only one email, strategically blend a product update with 2 educational insights.
  • People want to get through their emails quickly, not dwell on them.
  • When you send a long email that contains a lot of info, clients will likely think “oh, I should read this but I’m busy right now so I’ll save it for later” and then never get back to it.
  • On the other hand, when you send shorter, tighter emails like the breakdown above, it makes your message more focused and easier to digest.

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