What's Your Big Business Idea for 2011?

We’re rounding out the end of 2010 and heading straight for 2011. What will your small business accomplish? Do you have set goals? Are they simple goals, or big ideas? Sometimes, in order to move forward with your business and keep it in motion, you need to have big ideas and set big goals. In other words, you need a vision.

Don’t settle for small ‘safe’ goals that actually set you back, rather than move forward. Simply saying you hope not to have any layoffs in 2011 is not a lofty goal. Instead, you need a big idea that inspires you and your employees to achieve something exciting.

What is a big idea and how do you go about making it a goal? Here are some tips:

Make it Bold!

A big idea is something that raises eyebrows. It inspires people. It makes them nod their heads and say, “yeah, that would be fantastic!”

Make your bold idea something you can only dream about, one that may never have been accomplished before. Building a bridge over the Grand Canyon is a big, bold idea. It may not be your industry, but you get the idea of how it will attract attention and be an accomplishment.

Make it Specific

Your big business idea needs to be specific in order to set action steps. Specific can mean quantity, such as doubling sales volume or increasing production by 10,000 units. And it should also be time specific so you know exactly what to work for and when.

Communicate and Inspire

When you have chosen your big idea for 2011 and set goals to reach it, the next step is to keep everyone in the loop and motivated to accomplish your dream. Everyone must do their part in order to achieve smaller action steps and goals. Coach them along the way, while staying positive and rewarding your team for little successes.

Of course, don’t forget to plan a big reward for achieving the big goal you set out for 2011!

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