Why Going Dog Friendly is Good for Business

dog friendly business policy

In today’s economy, it can feel like business success comes randomly and unpredictably. Why do some small businesses succeed where others fail?

The traditional ingredients for prosperity in business — great products, great service, and a great location — do not now necessarily add up to a thriving business.

If you’re doing everything right, but still can’t manage to break above even, one idea to turn your business from hustling to bustling is by making it more dog friendly.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the four main benefits you stand to gain by opening up your shop to the furrier friends in our lives by having a dog friendly business policy.

Open Your Business Up to the Differently-Abled Community

There are likely many potential customers that live with disabilities who’d like to patronize your business but can’t because they use a service dog.

Owners who have put their dogs through service dog registration know that even though federal law states that a business cannot turn away properly trained and registered service dogs, the reality is that many do.

As soon as some servers, waiters, and salespeople see a dog, they tell the owner that they aren’t welcome indoors. Even if that owner is disabled and has their paperwork, they may be too tired, angry, or discouraged by the constant rejection to speak up.

Proudly opening your doors to dogs says to the differently-abled community that they are welcome in your business.

Sell Dog Treats, Pupuccinos, & Doggie Goodie Bags

Dog treats are quite inexpensive when bought in bulk, and can be individually packaged and resold at quite the margin. There are now a wide variety of puppy treats, goodies, and accessories that can be bought and resold in your business.

One strategy many business owners use is to leave a cookie jar at the front counter. The first one is free, and when Fido wants another, their owner will have to pay.

Improve the Morale of Your Staff and Customers

It’s been proven by scientific research that having a dog around boosts mood. Dogs are like positivity sponges. They only respond to happiness, warmth, and harmony, and they give it out by the bucket load.

Letting dogs into your shop will delight your customers and staff alike. It gives folks a common point to bond over. Everyone lights up when they see a dog. A constant procession of dogs translates to a constant procession of good vibes and cash.

Dogs Encourage Communication

There’s a reason why it’s a common tactic for singles who move into big cities to get dogs in order to meet new friends and romantic partners.

Many people gravitate involuntarily toward dogs when they see them, whether out at the park or in a store. Allowing dogs into your business encourages strangers to come together, smile, and begin talking to one another.

The conversation might start on what the dog’s name is, how old they are, and what breed they are, but it can quickly turn to where the owner got them, how long they’ve lived in the city, how often they come to your business, and more.

Dogs open up lines of communication between those who are looking for new connections. They’ll remember it was your business where it happened!

Go Dog-Friendly Today

If you’re interested in going dog-friendly, consider the costs and benefits. It doesn’t take much to dog-proof commercial spaces, and the benefits are endless — more business, a happier staff, and increased customer goodwill.

It just comes down to making the decision and adjusting to a work-life balance with a lot more barking in it.

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