The Secrets of Writing SaaS Content In a Crowded Market

Many companies overlook the basics when it comes to writing SaaS content that generates interest in their products. Here's what you should write.
writing SaaS content

Sometimes it can feel like SaaS solutions are a hard sell, but that’s really just a sign that your copy isn’t pulling its weight. Writing SaaS content can drive more business to your company.

With that in mind, here’s an overview of what it takes to compose SaaS content that sparkles, rather than falls short of expectations.

The main aim of writing SaaS content

Put simply, the copy you put together for any SaaS product has to demystify it for prospective customers.

That means explaining what it does and why it benefits end users. It also means pinpointing potential questions and concerns newcomers might have, and nipping them in the bud with succinct answers.

The wider impact of good copywriting

SaaS content is worth investing in as part of a wider SaaS marketing plan for a few reasons. First, it will earn you more clicks and shares, accelerating interest in your site and your brand.

In turn this will lead to an uptick in conversions, which also means that your paid ad spending is being put to better use.

That’s why it’s also worth investing in SaaS article writing, not just on sales-focused content. You want your brand’s authority to build, and that means taking a more circuitous route to earning conversions.

The road towards a cohesive content strategy

If you’ve found that your current copy simply won’t connect with your target audience, don’t despair. Working out what content will grab their attention is as simple as seeing what people think of your product and brand.

This is easy to do if you’ve already generated user reviews, whether on your website or via a third party platform.

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You can also search social media for mentions of your product, business or market niche. That way you’ll get an unfiltered sense of what’s sparking the interest of existing and prospective users. In turn, this can be leveraged to hone the focus of your future content.

The importance of uniqueness

Another lynchpin of good content creation in the crowded SaaS space is knowing what makes your offerings unique.

If there’s a selling point that puts you above the competition, remember to shout about it. Also ensure that this is conveyed clearly and concisely; it’s no good knowing what you do well, only to hide this within complex terminology and arcane explanations.

The contexts in which content is required

We’ve already discussed landing pages and articles, but SaaS businesses need copy to deploy in lots of other areas as well.

Social media is a good example of this, since every brand needs a presence on popular platforms, and the techniques involved are different.

It’s best to adjust and adapt content to fit the platform, and not to try and shoehorn copy where it simply doesn’t fit.

Even when doing this, also take care to maintain a consistent tone. You don’t want to seem approachable and user-friendly on social media, only for followers to click through to a blog post that’s dense with technical language and expert-level discussions of SaaS.

The need to establish targets

Writing SaaS content has to have a purpose, or indeed a range of goals attached. That makes shaping it simpler, since you know what you’re working towards.

An article is there to inform readers, and can include a call to action which pushes them in at the top of your sales funnel. A landing page must sell your products effectively, without prevarication.

Other techniques are involved in crafting social media copy and so on, but the principle of knowing what you want to achieve when you start writing applies equally elsewhere.


Optimal content for SaaS really can sell your product and your brand more effectively than almost anything else. It just takes the will to learn how to do this right, and you’ll be flying.

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