Content Marketing Hacks: 30-Minutes a Day Routine

These daily 30-minute content marketing hacks can produce more high quality original content for your business every week than any other method.
content marketing hacks

Have you ever gotten in shape from just a few workouts? Yeah, me neither. There’s no hack for getting in shape, just as there are few content marketing hacks to product great content fast.

Consistency is the key to growth – body and business. And like a good workout routine, doing something different each day makes it more fun, achievable and works a different part of your strategy.

Content Marketing Hacks

Here’s a sample 30-minute daily routine for content marketing hacks that enables you to generate lots of original material very quickly:

Monday Hack

Pick two questions on trending topics and make bullet points with questions you can answer

Tuesday Hack

Record yourself on Zoom answering the questions using phrases from SEO keyword discovery – this helps to naturally optimize your transcribed content

Wednesday Hack

Use a transcription tool to convert audio to text for subtitles and blog fodder; splice the videos into 1-2 minute snippets and schedule a few posts for next week (pro tip: make subtitles part of your video rather than using an SRT file)

Thursday Hack

Edit your transcribed words into two blogs and schedule for posting next week

Friday Hack

Make a guide using a few older blogs, then have a happy hour beer (let me know and I’ll join you)

Content Marketing Growth Hacking

Growth hacking using content marketing is a reliable, time-tested method to get more customers. And to make your process go quickly, use these daily content marketing hacks to create a routine that’s easy to follow and will move the needle for you.

Speaking is often easier for many of us than writing. Creating content starting with the spoken word is significantly faster than telling yourself or your team to write.

  • Speak > Record > Transcribe > Edit

Then, repurpose, repurpose, repurpose your content into videos, webinars, slides, blogs, tweets, LinkedIn posts.

Less effort, more output.

100% original content.


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