Advanced Link-Building Techniques: Moving Beyond the Basics

The competition to secure first place on the SERPs is an all-time high. In this guide, learn the most advanced link-building techniques out there!
advanced link-building techniques

Building links is a vital part of any SEO plan that is going to be successful. The act of obtaining backlinks from other websites to your own, which plays a crucial role in deciding your website’s authority and where it ranks in search engine results, is known as link building. Even though learning the fundamentals of link-building is essential, taking your efforts to the next level by implementing more advanced link-building techniques might result in even more remarkable outcomes.

Within the cutthroat realm of online marketing, there are a lot of different ways to develop links, but in this article, we’ll go over eight of the more advanced strategies that can help you stand out from the crowd.

1. Create High-Quality, Shareable Content

The production of content of high quality and the ability to be shared is the fundamental component of more advanced link-building strategies. Your material must be special if you want to attract the attention of visitors as well as the proprietors of the website. To begin, you need to gain an awareness of the needs, preferences, and pain points of your target audience.

Create material that not only solves these challenges but also adds value in a way that cannot be found elsewhere. You could want to think about developing in-depth tutorials, conducting original research, or creating compelling infographics. When your material stands out as a valuable resource, it automatically attracts backlinks from other websites that wish to reference your knowledge. Backlinks are a great way to boost your website’s search engine rankings.

Jeff Romero, Founder of LinkVerse

2. Broken Link Building

Building broken links is a proactive approach to collecting important backlinks that can be used by websites. Finding broken links on other websites that are relevant to your niche and providing a good substitute link to your content are required steps in this process. You create a situation in which everyone benefits when you offer assistance to webmasters in the repair of broken links.

You can find broken links on your website with the assistance of tools such as Check My Links and Ahrefs. You can increase the possibilities of getting a relevant and meaningful backlink to your site by initiating outreach to the site owners and suggesting your content as a possible substitute.

Graham Grieve, Founder of A1 SEO

3. Competitor Analysis

An in-depth examination of one’s competition is an insightful method for locating unrealized potential for link-building. You can find websites that link to your competitors but not to your website by looking at the backlink profiles of your competitors. These are possible opportunities for link-building to pursue. Once these websites have been identified, you can build a targeted outreach campaign to get them to link to your material rather than theirs.

This strategy is a great method for increasing the number of backlinks that point to your website because tools such as SEMrush and Moz provide vital data for analyzing competitors.

Marie Ysais, Founder of Ysais Digital Marketing

4. HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

When it comes to collecting backlinks from sites with a high level of authority, HARO is an excellent resource. By using HARO, journalists and bloggers commonly obtain quotes and insights from subject matter experts for use in their stories. You may establish yourself as an authority in your field by signing up to be a source and providing responses to questions that are pertinent to your specialty area.

You will receive a backlink to your website whenever one of the articles that you contribute to ends up being published. If you want to improve the likelihood that a journalist or blogger would quote you in their work, present material that is both smart and relevant and that adds value to the content.

Craig Campbell, Owner of HARO Link Building

5. Building Relationships with Industry Influencers

Developing solid relationships with key opinion leaders in your field might lead to the discovery of fruitful chances to strengthen your link profile. Work together with influential people on the production of content, contribute as guest bloggers to their sites, or take part in co-marketing endeavors.

Influencers can present your brand to their dedicated audience, which can result in organic backlinks as a result of their audience referencing the great material you produce. The cultivation of these relationships not only contributes to the success of your link-building activities but also contributes to the increased visibility and legitimacy of your brand within your specialized market.

Mark McShane, Electrical Training Manager at Skills Training Group

6. Internal Link Optimization

One approach for gaining links that are frequently ignored despite their significant potential is optimizing the internal links included inside a website. Enhancing the user experience, keeping users interested, and distributing authority throughout your site are all benefits of linking your pages appropriately.

This, in turn, can boost the performance of your external backlinks by reinforcing the topical relevance and authority of your content. This improvement can be seen in the performance of your external backlinks. You should perform regular audits and optimization on your internal linking structure to maximize the influence it has on your search engine optimization efforts.

Mark Buskuhl, Owner of NINEBIRD PROPERTIES

7. Resource Link-building

Pages that act as resources are extremely useful assets for link building. The creation of in-depth resource pages that are relevant to your topic can result in the acquisition of natural backlinks. Create comprehensive instructions, step-by-step tutorials, or lists of useful resources that are of tremendous benefit to the audience you are trying to reach.

Other websites that are interested in providing useful content to their audience may link to your resource page as a reference because they recognize its authority and utility.

Derek Bruce, First Aid Training Director at Glasgow First Aid Courses

8. Guestographics

The innovative method of earning backlinks known as guest graphics makes use of information graphics that are pleasing to the eye. Create infographics that are interesting to people and full of useful information, then submit them as guest posts to other websites in your specialized niche.

The ease with which infographics may be distributed makes them an appealing option for website owners who are looking to improve the quality of the content they offer. In return for showcasing your infographic, you will receive a useful backlink to your website that will be included in the attribution section of the guest post. This will increase both your online presence and your authority.

Timothy Allen, Director at Oberheiden P.C.


To maintain a competitive edge in the ever-shifting field of search engine optimization (SEO), it is necessary to acquire expert-level knowledge of various link-building strategies. You now can take your link-building efforts to the next level by utilizing these tactics, which range from producing excellent content to collaborating with influential people.

It is important to keep in mind that developing links is a continual process. If you consistently follow these strategies, you can gradually increase the authority of your website and its ranking in search engines over time.

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