6 Ways To Create Engaging Social Media Content

The social media presence of businesses matters even more than physical presence. Learn how to create engaging social media content in this guide.
create engaging social media content

Social media’s popularity is great news for businesses all over the world. With the rise of its use and the variety in formats, businesses can have a range of options at their disposal to create engaging social media content.

Understandably, it can often feel overwhelming to create engaging social media content, especially if your business isn’t in the business of digital media. So what’s a company to do?

How to Create Engagement Social Media Content

Read these six ideas and see how they can help your business thrive online!

1. Make Your Brand Visible

Social media is a visual format, so before you start working on your social media material, you must ensure that your brand is visible. This isn’t a metaphorical task but a literal one.

To get your brand onto social media, particularly to utilize user-generated content (which we come onto next), you need at least one item with your brand. For example, custom hats are hugely popular among sporting team brands, but you can make them just as popular with your company.

The beauty of custom-made items is that you can add your flair, get your brand out there, and give customers something physical and visible to brag about in their posts.

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2. Share User Generated Content

User Generated Content (UGC) is your ally! Take your custom-made hat: if a customer posts a photo of them wearing it, you can share that material on your business’s social media platform.

Show other customers that your brand and, by extension, your business is desirable. It will encourage more customers your way. Sharing their posts is a huge incentive for others to generate posts.

3. Introduce Your Team

People like to relate to people, so utilize your team and introduce them to the world as a way to create engaging social media content.

Have fun with it! Maybe you introduce them by conducting mini-interviews and asking them:

  • What’s your favorite breed of dog?
  • Popcorn or candy?
  • Coffee or tea?

It humanizes your business and creates excellent material.

4. Do an Office Instagram Takeover With BTS Footage

Get your team involved in creating behind-the-scenes (BTS) content.

Customers are often fascinated with the manufacturing process behind their favorite products or what goes on in the day-to-day life of those working at your company. Empowering your employees is essential, as customer engagement is a shared task.

5. Get in the TikTok Trends

Recent statistics show that TikTok is now more popular than YouTube, so hopping on TikTok trends or creating trends of your own is a great way to increase your following.

6. Create ‘How To’ Posts

Maybe your café is changing the way customers order, or perhaps there’s a hair product you sell that can be in the spotlight for a how-to post. Whatever your business entails, inviting prospective customers to see how something works attracts more people to your posts and is a great way to create engaging social media content. From there, they’ll see how easy and stress-free it is to buy right from your site!

Get Creating!

Not all six ideas to create engaging social media content will suit every business, but that’s okay! Start with one, do it well, and then pick another. Feel empowered to pick the methods that work for you and evolve your content creation as your company evolves.

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