Fintech Startup Formula: 6 Ways to Write Content for Conversions

There are many opinions on how to create compelling sales copy. Use these 6 tested and proven ideas to help you write captivating text. 
Sales Copy for Fintech

Fintech startups are now the backbone of most economies. Most young entrepreneurs are investing in fintech thanks to the little capital needed as compared to other ventures. However, the problem that most entrepreneurs face is marketing. In this post, we will be focusing on ways you can increase your fintech revenue through content marketing, including sales copy. There are many aspects of content marketing that count. Some of the important aspects to pay attention to include search engine impression, improving click-through rate, improving conversions, and increasing the average order value.

Increasing search engine impression depends on the type of content. If you create more content, you will have more pages indexed which creates a greater impression. Similarly, increasing clickthrough rate is subject to increasing attention on your content. Use meta descriptions, catchy phrases, and optimize other search snippets. Most importantly, increasing conversion rates depends on click-through rate and type of content. This means that for you to create a landing page that is actionable and convincing, you need a creative copy that goes way out of the normal. For you to sell in fintech, you need to convince your clients that you are offering a solution that is unique as compared to what is already available in the market. A common everyday copy may not be very helpful.

How To Create A Smart Copy to Increase Conversions

In a nutshell, the lifeline of all your investments lies on one, major aspect, which is the sales copy. The way you craft it and the details you choose to expose determine how much you will sell. Keywords have always been an important part of SEO and still are important, however, you should also focus on writing an interesting copy. When it comes to writing sales copies, you do not have a lot of time to explain the details. You need to do a lot within a short span. If you are operating in the B2B space, clicks and session time should be important. Session time helps you understand whether you are selling your idea or not. 

There are many opinions on how to create compelling sales copy. The following are among the few tested and proven ideas to help you create captivating text. 

1. Clearly Articulate benefits

Instead of wasting time telling people about the features of your product, go straight to the benefits. People will only invest in a product because of its benefits. In most cases, you will realize that benefits cover most of the features you wish to talk about. 

2. Focus on the headline

The landing page of any sales funnel receives limited attention. You need to create attractive headlines. The first time a person lands on a sales page, they will scheme through looking for the important points. Help them locate what they want by using bold headlines that are captivating.

3. Add customer testimonials

There are thousands of sales funnels on the internet that do not deliver the promise. To deal with any possible doubts, include testimonials. People tend to trust their peers than they would trust an investor.

4. Add Data

No one can argue against facts. When you use data and statistics to prove your points, you get everyone interested. However, you should source data from reputable sources. Mentioning big brands also helps capture the attention of many.

5. Be human

The most successful fintech companies thrive on the fact that people want to associate with realistic beings. The idea of writing content that is purely idealistic for a perfect society is no longer viable. People want to read your page and relate to it in their normal life.

6. Optimize calls-to-action (CTAs)

Call To Actions are very important in writing any type of sales copy. At the end of the day, the main aim of a sales copy is to sell. Without a call to action, conversions will be limited. You may end up receiving high traffic and excellent session time but poor conversions. The CTA should be very clear so that the customer knows whether they have to call, email or visit your office.

Next Steps

Creating compelling content is an important aspect of any fintech marketing campaign. The success of any marketing campaign starts with understanding what your customers need. Look at the market and create a marketing campaign that promises something different. You should not write an everyday sales copy talking about the same things. Try focusing on new ideas. Talk about the benefits of your product and why your prospective customers may need it. 

Creating a compelling sales copy for your products may be a problem especially if you are not a writer. Hiring an in-house writer may also be very expensive. If you need a writer with a passion and talent to help you in writing essays, sales copies and any type of marketing content, visit Rapid Essay is the leading site in creating high-quality essays for students, graduates, and startups. You can order content at any time of the day and you will get high-quality papers written by professional writers.

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