How to Create a Professional Presentation for Your Next Online Meeting

To make sure you hit the right spot, here are very simple yet basic rules to create a professional presentation for your next online meeting.
professional online presentation

If you’re in the corporate world, it is hard to escape from the ever-changing requirements of the business environment. Last time you gave an in-person presentation and it worked for you because you communicated well to your audience with your physical gestures. But boom! It was a long way ago! Time to brace your skills to make you equally effective for a professional presentation in an online meeting. Let us first understand what are the key determinants to keep in mind while thinking of a professional presentation in a virtual environment:

  • You should be well appraised of who you are going to address.
  • What will be your means of communication to put your point across the given audience.

These two key factors work a long way to define the structure and content of your presentation. Without this, you might end up designing a presentation that is very influential but it doesn’t satisfy the objective and as a result, your audience may not like what they see. The struggle to present just the desired content intensifies when you have to present it virtually. Lack of physical gestures, eye contact, facial expressions makes it a bit hard for the presenter to engage the audience and get the command of the environment. Also, without having direct contact with your audience you cannot judge if the presentation is convincing enough for the attendees or not.

So to make sure you hit the right spot, here are very simple yet basic rules to create a professional presentation for your next online meeting.

Pick a Safe Font

Less is more and so is true for your presentation. Keeping it simple always works. By selecting from a comprehensive range of simple fonts offered by, you can make your PowerPoint presentation easy to comprehend. Simplicity and consistency of the font is the primary key to your successful business presentation.

Visual Consideration

One needs to pay heed to the right visual medium. Choosing the template that works for your business/field/profession is important. SlideModel has a huge variety of visual templates customized specially to meet your business presentation needs, whether you’re using Google Slides or PowerPoint. For instance, an animated network diagram PowerPoint template offered by SlideModel may be most suitable for a technical business. On the other hand, if you are in a creative business, Blackboard innovation We’ve equipped you with all that we had. Now it’s time for you to present it confidently to your audience. Being creative always works as it talks volumes about your enthusiasm to present what has been entrusted to you.

Highlight Valuable Points

Working on choosing the right titles for your content is also crucial. Catchy and crisp titles tend to bring notice of the viewers. For example, if you wish to highlight the company’s strengths and key improvement areas, you can use SlideModel’s SWOT analysis planes metaphor template. Imagine everything being so streamlined that you do not have to run your eyes around the text to look for key points in the slide, while you explain the model/work to your virtual viewers.

Working on Template Backgrounds

Template backgrounds are probably the most underrated feature when it comes to your PowerPoint presentation. Colours and meaningful graphics is always an addition to your well-researched content. After all your presentation is all you’ve got in absence of your physical reach to each one amongst your audience. With’s ready to use template backgrounds, give your presentation the grace it deserves.

Abstain from Superfluity

Containing too much information can also be disastrous. It will confuse the audience and probably the main content will run the risk of being missed out in the ocean of information. So, make sure to emphasize the relevant facts & figures and not overload your presentation with too much data. For reference, have a look at the SlideModel’s templates and discover how to focus on the main areas of your presentation. It allows you to fill only as much information as necessary. It will help you refrain from packing the template with all the unnecessary details so that you can create appropriate titles accordingly.

Suitability for All Screen & Devices

What if any of your viewers are attending the virtual meeting through his mobile device. Is your presentation equipped to take care of such last-minute needs? Does the presentation support all screen sizes? Make sure to choose a template that allows the flexibility of fitting all size screens. SlideModel’s templates are designed with high precision to ensure that such minute details are attended to with no scope of a miss. So, one should select the template with suitability for all devices.

Power of White Space

The white space on your PowerPoint presentation is a powerful tool to retain the simplicity of your PowerPoint presentation. White space makes the presentation look more arranged and aligned. It is that element of a presentation which may go unnoticed when it’s present but its absence will bring all the negative attention that you don’t want at all. SlideModel ready to use presentation templates have embedded empty spaces around elements such as titles, texts and images which ensures that your presentation does not draw any accidental attention.

It is hoped that you will be able to make the best use of the above-mentioned tips. It will enable your presentation to stand out in the virtual environment. With all this at the fingertip of your hands, SlideModel saves you from the worry of choosing just the right fit for your business presentation. Resultantly, you can focus on improving the content as the rest is taken care of by the SlideModel’s customizable templates. So all the best for your next online business presentation. We’ve equipped you with all that we had. Now it’s time for you to present it confidently to your audience.

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