5 Product Label Design Best Practices To Generate More Sales

Good product label design can dramatically increase your sales. Follow these 5 label design best practices to boost your odds of selling more faster.
product label design

Good product label design is a crucial element of your product. Think about why you would choose to buy one product instead of another when both are very similar. It often comes down to the packaging and labeling.

You need to spend time designing the perfect label for your product if you want it to stand out against the competition and encourage people to buy it.

So, let’s find out how you can get product label design right to convey your brand identity.

1. Research Effective Product Label Design

It’s easy to create custom labels these days by going with an excellent company like StickerYou. But before you start designing your labels and getting them produced, the first step is to perform research.

By understanding the demographics of your target customers, such as their gender, age, and values, you can make more informed decisions about your design.

You also need to look at similar products from your competitors. That can help you to understand why certain designs have been chosen and how effective they are. It also helps you to avoid making your label look the same as your competitors’ labels.

2. Consider Where You Will Sell Your Products

A good product label design is all about grabbing potential customers’ attention. So, you need to consider where your products will be sold to understand how customers will view them.

For instance, if you’re selling a product that will be on supermarket shelves, it will be competing with similar products in the same aisle. Therefore, it’s vital that your label stands out from the crowd.

On the other hand, you will have different criteria for your labels if you’re solely selling products online through your website and eCommerce stores.

3. Consider Your Product Packaging

The type of packaging you use for your products is just as important as the labels. So, make sure you know what kind of packaging you’ll be using before you come up with ideas for your labels. For instance, some product label designs will work well on transparent bottles whereas others won’t.

You should know things like the size, shape, and material of your packaging in order to come up with a suitable label design that complements the packaging.

4. Work Out What Information to Include on Your Product Label

No label should be crowded with too much text and imagery. But at the same time, you’ll want the most important information to be included.

In addition to the product name and your company logo, you may need to include things like a barcode, the product’s ingredients, and a slogan.

Come up with a list of everything that must be included on your label and other things that could potentially be on your label. Then consider which information is the most important so you can adjust the sizing of things like your logo and the product name accordingly.

5. Select the Right Color Scheme

Whether you go for a bold design or a subtle approach, you’ll want your label to be eye-catching. Therefore, in addition to the font and image you use, you need to carefully consider the color of your label.

Also, if your packaging contains a color, you’ll want to make sure your label complements it. Choose the right colors for the type of product you’re selling. For example, if you’re launching a hand sanitizer, you’ll want colors that signify cleanliness, like white or blue.

On the other hand, if your product is a fruit juice, you may want to try bolder colors that suit the product. For instance, you could use red for a cherry-flavored drink or green for an apple beverage.

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