5 Ways to Promote Your Writing Business to Gen Z

Promote your writing business to Gen Zs to tap into an up and coming market. Use these five strategies to get in front of this growing client base.  
promote your writing business

Promote your writing business to Gen Zs to tap into an up and coming market. Use these five strategies to get in front of this growing client base.

Promoting a college essay writing service is not an easy thing, especially when you have to decide which target audience to reach. Yet, the primary audience for most tech-inclined services these days is the Gen Z demographic. So if you are looking to promote your service, you should include it in your marketing plan.

But before we suggest Z as the ideal generation to focus your promotional efforts on, you must first understand who these people are.

Understanding Generations

If you are a marketing expert, you probably have some knowledge about different generations. But how much do you truly know about them? For example, how long is a generation?

Scientists have divided opinions about this definition, but generation usually refers to a period covering about 20 – 30 years. In its turn, Generation Z is the one reaching adulthood in the second decade of the 21st century and born between 1995 and 2012. These people precede Gen Alpha and succeed the Millennials.

How To Promote Your Writing Business To Gen Z

The Gen Z demographic is known for its intertwinement with all things digital so keep this in mind as you plan to promote your writing business. Gen Zs are gamers more likely to stay indoors than go out and see a movie, more cautious, and less in touch with their immediate environment outside of social media. All of those traits can be used to inform promotional plans for a writing service aimed at Gen Zs.

When marketing your writing service to this demographic, you should:

1. Leverage Video Content

If you are z-targeting your writing business, you have to go fully digital. To reach all generations YouTube related, such a video streaming platform or alternative ones might serve as great avenues. Notably, about 2.3 billion people use YouTube daily. Therefore, the platform projects your voice to any market (especially Gen Zs).

You can create a YouTube account and release content that focuses on writing. Once people start getting value from your work, they will feel motivated to reach out to you. Using video content is one of the best ways to market to Gen Z because they can quickly absorb the information they need. Video platforms like Youtube will also help you build a solid community that will follow you if you expand or venture into something new in the future.

2. Create a Website

If you want to go digital, you need a website featuring your writing service. For this demographic, having a website is a sign of professionalism. A neat and responsive site with a credible-looking homepage also makes it easier for you to sell to the Gen Zs.

Since this demographic needs snappy information to make fast decisions, your website is the ideal environment for that because it shows them samples of your writing and pricing at once. Hence, they can start and finish the entire purchasing journey on your website. That is an excellent experience since Gen Z are attracted to stress-free actions on the web.

3. Personalize Communication

When marketing to Gen Z, casting your net into the sea to see what it will catch won’t work; you have to create tailored content for them. Also, try to respond to their requests and demands. If you have a social media page, employ a social media manager to respond to customers directly instead of using bots.

You might as well have to make users see the reasons why they need to patronize your service. And you need to make them feel like you are addressing their needs individually rather than as a group. Trying this tactic will feed customers’ need to be recognized and gain their attention.

4. Shorten Your Ads

If you want to sell your service to Gen-Z, you need to do it as quickly as possible. Their average attention span is shorter than you may think. Don’t waste valuable time in your ad by including unnecessary information. There is a reason why some YouTube ads are five seconds long.

Gen Zs are fast-paced and need promotional contents to go straight to the point. Since you are advertising a writing service, state it in the beginning of your sales copy. Once it takes more than 60 seconds to pass your message across, you will lose users’ attention.

5. Take The Best Of Your Brand Strategy

It is not yet enough to come out and declare that you provide writing services. You’ll need to promote your writing business using a different kind of message. To appeal to Gen Z, you need to build a unique yet relatable brand. And doing this should be more than just a promotion effort. Your brand should prove that your business has more to it than only the writing services you offer.

There are four significant steps to building a successful brand:

  • Decide on your target audience (this will help you tailor your services appropriately)
  • Choose the company name, logo and tagline (opt for a name that is easy to pronounce and remember)
  • Decide on your company’s personality and tone of voice (this will be a visual representation of what your company does)
  • Come up with pricing and brand positioning

It is essential to get your branding right if you intend to be a household name in your industry. Developing your brand will make your writing business more relatable. It will also help you pull ahead of the competition and stay afloat in the face of financial downturns.


To keep positive cash flow coming in, you should constantly look for ways to promote your writing business. The desires of the Gen Z target market are transient so reaching this base of clients can be tricky. When opting for services promotion, paying attention to their online behavior is a great way not to get carried away by trends. Once you know where and what this group spends time on, you can leverage the ideas mentioned above to customize your ads and marketing strategies for them.


Amanda Dudley

Amanda Dudley is a professional writer and editor at EssayUSA. With several years of experience under her belt, she has gained the required expertise to work on a wide range of writing tasks for college students. Amanda also holds a PhD from Stanford University and heads a professional writing team dedicated to pushing out unrivalled content for educational markets.

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