7 Must-Have Work From Home Apps

You can increase your productivity while enjoying the benefits of working from your house. These work from home apps will help you out.
work from home apps

Want to increase your daily productivity or stay safe online while working from home? Check out the best work from home apps, which are ideal for remote employees and freelancers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected labor markets worldwide – including the US. Surveys say the percentage of people working remotely doubled in 2020 (compared to 2019 figures). But what about today? Although traveling and commuting are possible, people still choose to work remotely.

Employees across the US continue to swap in-person meetings for video calls and e-mails. This is no surprise – remote work saves time and money and, more often than not, provides an excellent work-life balance. But working from home also has its cons, such as various distractions.

We have prepared a list of the best work from home apps designed for people making a living from the comfort of their own homes. Find out which software will help you stay focused or increase your online security!

Work From Home Apps

TomatoTimer – for better productivity

Have you heard of the Pomodoro technique? It’s a productivity management method in which you work in short, 25-minute intervals separated by 5-minute breaks. This technique helps you stay focused on your tasks while making sure you relax from time to time.

TomatoTimer is a simple web app designed with the Pomodoro technique in mind. It measures the time you spend on your tasks and tells you when to take a break or return to work. You should try it out if you get easily distracted.

Time Doctor – for team management

If you are a team manager, you realize that keeping everyone engaged in their tasks is difficult, especially when your team is spread across the country. Time Doctor is an application made for entire teams – both employees and their managers.

This software measures the time each team member spends on their tasks and other things. It is a very powerful tool – it monitors breaks and distractions (like social media websites), gives summary reports, and does many other things. It’s also cross-platform, which means it can be installed on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

VPN – for security

When you use the Internet for work, you need to make sure your data is safe. VPN is a tool designed not only for your privacy but also for your security and comfort. It encrypts your data, so it travels safely between you and the rest of the world – no third party can see what information you are sending.

A USA VPN like this is also great for traveling or working from public places, especially if you connect to public Wi-Fi networks. It protects your data even if you are using hotspots that are not adequately secured. A good VPN app includes many useful features, such as threat protection acting as an ad blocker and additional malware protection.

Forest – for getting rid of distractions

The Forest app is an excellent tool if you sometimes catch yourself scrolling on your phone instead of working. Forest helps you focus and motivates you by showing your progress in the form of a virtual tree that grows when you are not distracted by your phone. You can grow a whole forest if you stay on track!

Forest can also show your detailed statistics, helping you with time management. The app is also available for iOS.

Todoist – for task management

Are you working on multiple projects at once? It’s easy to forget about certain tasks, especially the mundane ones. Todoist is an app that works like a calendar or bullet planner, but better. It helps you manage your tasks by allowing you to write them down, split them into smaller assignments, and mark the completed ones.

Todoist lets you clear your head, taking care of remembering what to do and when. It can even set automatic deadlines based on your previous time statistics. The app is great for work and personal life, as it lets you schedule tasks such as grocery shopping or watering plants. You can even share them among your household members!

Canva – for graphic design

Canva is a free platform for both individuals and teams. It allows you to create unique graphic designs, such as visual presentations, posters, or images for social media. It’s quite simple to use, so you don’t need to be a professional designer to make the best of its features.

Entire teams can use Canva, so everyone can simultaneously work on a single project, but it’s also great for individuals. You can even use it to create original and aesthetic resumes, business cards, or portfolios. Its database includes plenty of free and paid templates, so don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself a creative person!

Seven – for exercise

When you work remotely, you can get out of bed and… start working. Do you remember to get your body moving from time to time? If not, Seven is the app for you. It lets you choose from hundreds of short, equipment-free workouts, so you can take a break to stretch your limbs and work your muscles.

The best part is that Seven provides few-minute routines, so you can’t say you are too busy to exercise. As the app’s developers say: small habits lead to big changes!

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