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8 Business Traveler Tips

Small business travelers don’t have to dread all those stressful trips. Learn tips on making business travel easier and more enjoyable.

6 Ways to Minimize Business Travel Costs

Economic changes have greatly impacted business travel expenses. Learn how to minimize travel expenses for business and save money for your small business.

Laptop Heat: Preventing Laptop Overheating

Does your laptop get hot after an hour? Read out tips on keeping it from overheating.

Fax From Internet: Sending Fax via Internet

Answers from our help desk on receiving faxes easily when you're on the road.

Keeping Business Receipts for Business Expense Reimbursement

Keep track of your receipts, or you may end up paying your own way.

Frequent Flyer Miles: What to Do With Extra Miles

Three ways to avoid letting your frequent flier miles lapse.

Taking Care of Business When on the Road

The last thing you need on a business trip is to worry about office operations.

How Much to Tip: A Tipping Etiquette Guide

Will you look cheap if you don't tip the accordion player -- or gauche if you do?

Car Rental Rates: Hidden Costs in Your Car Rental Prices

Car rental rates often work out to much more than you originally expect - make sure you know what's charged as "extras."

Women Travel Tips

Should women traveling to business conventions do anything differently than men?